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The NTLA is dedicated to helping government, fighting blight, and building stronger communities.

NTLA members contribute billions to local governments annually and revitalize thousands of vacant and blighted properties nationwide. Here is where pivotal decisions are researched, crafted, and executed, in order to positively impact the trajectory of your communities.

How Tax Liens Help Local and State Governments

Tax liens help local and state governments finance services such as fire and police safety, infrastructure needs, and school district and library funding when budgets fall short due to property taxes that haven’t been paid. Unpaid property taxes can be a real source of stress for local governments that are trying to provide important services to their citizens.

Tax lien certificates also help protect property owners’ rights by providing them with a “safety net” if they are struggling to pay their property taxes, giving them a chance to redeem the certificates before a foreclosure happens. It is important to remember that tax lien investors do not purchase property; they purchase a tax lien that is fully redeemable by the property owner when they pay their delinquent taxes and any associated interest and/or penalties.

The tax lien industry also benefits property owners who do pay their taxes on time, by providing gap funding to governments for critical services. Funding budget shortfalls with tax lien certificates allows governments to maintain tax rates without excessive increases that might occur due to shortfalls from unpaid property taxes.

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Property tax sales play a crucial role in funding the community services that taxpayers rely on. Tax lien investors are the lifeline that decreases property foreclosures and ensures the continuity of essential community services.

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