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$22 Billion in Property Taxes Went Unpaid Last Year in America

Unpaid Property Taxes
could build...
High Schools
Teacher Salaries
Fire Stations
Student Scholarships

The National Tax Lien Association reported a staggering $22 billion in property taxes went unpaid last year in America. Local governments increasingly rely on tax sales to help cover this shortfall.

Brad Westover, NTLA’s Executive Director, commented, "With $22 billion dollars we could build 275 high schools, pay 349,206 teacher salaries, construct 3,144 police-fire stations, or grant 4.4 million student scholarships. We must tirelessly focus on providing great education for our children and safe cities for all… both of which are funded almost entirely through property taxes!”

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The NTLA continues its research to provide numerical data to educate both public and private sectors on delinquent property tax volumes and tax foreclosures in the United States. Specifically, how many owner occupants lose their homes from the non-payment of property taxes.

The research conducted will serve as a valuable tool and resource to all involved. It can produce evolving technology for better due diligence, more effective tax sales, and enhanced communications.

As results are collected, they will be shared with local governments and members of the Association. 

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