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The mission of the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA)™ is to be the primary organization advancing the legislative, regulatory, business, public relations and educational interests of the tax lien industry in the United States. The association is committed to upholding high standards of ethical conduct and operating in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and administrative rules.

Keep yourself up-to-date on significant policies and bills that might impact the states where you conduct business. Unlock your access to weekly legislative reports!

NTLA Legislative Committee

The NTLA Legislative Committee serves as a bridge between NTLA members and the legislative process. A portion of your NTLA membership dues go towards ensuring that the industry's interests are well-represented,  that policy decisions are informed by industry expertise, and that the industry can adapt to changing regulatory environments.

NTLA State Advocacy Committee

The NTLA State Advocacy Committee is built on State Representatives whose role fulfill a vital part in advocating for the interests and initiatives of the NTLA and the tax sale industry at the state level. The State Representatives work closely with legislators, tax collectors/treasurers, and stakeholders to monitor legislation and ensure that objectives are effectively communicated and achieved.

NTLA Advocacy Bulletins