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Established in 1997

The National Tax Lien Association offers a community where the nation's leading professionals in the tax lien industry gather to discuss best practices, latest news and industry trends. NTLA members have a chance to represent their industry and correspond with other decision makers responsible for the shaping and advancing legislative, regulatory, business, public relations, and educational interest of the tax lien industry across the United States.

"From a governmental perspective, as Ohio entered the tax lien market in 1988, meeting and networking with companies and individuals I met through the NTLA over the years had an important impact on the continued success of our tax liens sales.As someone who had attended every spring conference from the conception of the NTLA, I have seen first hand how the organization has grown and the focus of the NTLA continues to be very beneficial."

 Shelley DavisFormer Summit County Ohio Finance Officer



"The NTLA has been an invaluable asset to the development of my knowledge, my contacts withing the tax lien industry, and my practice. The annual meetings and mid-year events (all of which I have attended) have afforded me the opportunity to be instructed by experts, and to contribute my expertise to a diverse and sophisticated group of members and guests. It has given me opportunities that I have not had with any other organization. It has certainly been time and money well spent."
 Robert Keyser - Partner at Taylor & Keyser 



"My involvement with the NTLA started in 1999. I watched this industry grow in popularity, witnessing first hand the effects of institutional competition, misleading press releases, cavalier investors, and the maturity of an industry. From dismantling harmful legislation, to refuting outlandish claims in periodicals, to taking active roles in the development of enabling legislation for tax liens, this organization 'gets it done' like no other. All the while, the group maintains a professional and competitive industry environment with all the benefits of a free market. The NTLA actively seeks to educate industry  members and create opportunities for all those concerned. It is a positive approach to seeking a better tomorrow. For my clients and my personal investments, I rest comfortably knowing the NTLA is protecting our interests and pursuing new interests for our industry." 

Douglas Q. Gale - President at Terra Echelon


“We initially partnered with NTLA to really understand and reach out to potential new customers. But it wasn't long before we became even more involved, providing NTLA members with information and market trends for Florida's primary and secondary markets through seminars and other educational outreach. We are incredibly pleased with what NTLA has done for the tax lien investing industry. Their work brings credibility, collaboration and organization to a very competitive industry. Let's face it, no one wants to reveal their ‘secret sauce’. That's why NTLA's efforts to guide the industry to success through the exchange of best practices and expert knowledge is so invaluable. NTLA makes us all better at what we do.”

 Edgar BoteroVP of Operations at Lumentum LLC


 "Since 1999, the firm of William R. Richards P.C. has been a member of the NTLA. Each year, our firm secures new business directly from NTLA members. The NTLA’s network of investors, government officials, lenders, and lien servicers have provided our firm with a steady stream of  business relationships that can be hard to develop in any business  environment. Membership in the NTLA gives members the  confidence to do business with our firm because the NTLA has firm  ethical standards that each NTLA member must meet. If an NTLA  member needs legal representation in any Indiana county regarding  tax liens or collections, NTLA members regularly reach out to  Indianapolis attorney Scott Richards. If an NTLA member has needs  in any of Indiana’s 92 counties such as tax sale attendance & bidding, due diligence posting of notice, or sale of real estate, NTLA members regularly reach out to Billy Richards. Our firm has every confidence in stating that membership in the NTLA is a direct conduit to our firm receiving such business. Over the years, we have also enjoyed developing personal relationships with many NTLA members who have become our close friends. Of the different organizations our firm is affiliated with, the NTLA has always been at the top of our list!"

William (Billy) Richards - William R. Richards P.C.




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