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Establish. Educate. Engage. 

The mission of the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA)™ is to be the primary organization advancing the legislative, regulatory, business, public relations and educational interests of the tax lien industry in the United States. The association is committed to upholding high standards of ethical conduct and operating in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and administrative rules.


Establish a "centralized voice” for the tax lien industry.

Educate municipal and county revenue officials as well as state and federal legislators on the benefits of tax lien sales.

Engage in legislative monitoring and lobbying activities.

Establish positive, professional relationships with tax collectors, county treasurers, revenue commissioners and other local and state public officials involved with the orchestration of real property tax, land and tax lien sales.

Establish and maintain a relevant continuing education and certification program for the NTLA membership.

Create a professional image for the tax lien industry that emphasizes the significant financial investment in local government infrastructure made by tax lien investors through the ad valorem tax collection process.

Adopt and adhere to a Code of Ethics for the tax lien industry.

Establish and maintain a database of information relevant to tax lien investment that is accessible to NTLA members for research and business decision issues.



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