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Why Join? 

As a member of the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA), you and your business will be joining a highly-respected national community that strives to propel tax lien initiatives into economic, social, governmental, and political spheres and spectrums of power nationwide. Founded in 1997, NTLA is the voice of America’s Tax Lien Industry and is the only dues-based national trade association representing the passionate interests of a growing number of tax lien practitioners, including investors, government officials, attorneys, servicers, data providers, lenders, and more across the United States.

NTLA is dedicated to providing its members with the tools and resources to excel them to next-level growth, awareness, and visibility. Becoming a member of NTLA opens many viable channels for your business to tap into the power of successful industry professionals. NTLA membership also serves as the platform to raise your voice to affect change and influence within the tax lien community.


Who Can Join? 

Any entity of any size that offers products and services to tax lien professionals across all disciplines. (Members can join individually or register as a company, where each employee can hold their own login and password.)

Who are Members of the NTLA? 

The NTLA's strength and advocacy lies within its diverse and loyal membership base. (More than 75% of NTLA members have been affiliated with NTLA for more than 10 years!) 

NTLA members arrive from all industry sectors that support the tax lien industry. These include but aren’t limited to local and county governmental agencies, top-rated lenders, law firms, vendors, services providers, consultancies, and more.    



"[NTLA membership] has given me opportunities that I have not had with any other organization. It has certainly been time and money well spent."  Robert Keyser, Esq. - Taylor & Keyser 

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What Are the Benefits of Joining the NTLA?

  • The NTLA Board of Directors help enforce its goals of strengthening industry standards and building common practices. The Board of Directors’ election is held annually and we encourage all NTLA members to get involved upon joining the Association. In addition, through its committees, NTLA closely monitors legislation, is active with all public relations and marketing efforts, is constantly constructing and improving next-phase tax lien education, and extends to its members unrivaled networking. 

The NTLA comprises mostly of individuals and companies who are engaged in tax lien sales full-time, which offers the invaluable opportunity to network with lenders, trust banks, attorneys, investors, tax lien software developers, secondary market traders, financial advisers, real estate brokers, and local government officials.  

Annual Spring Conference

The NTLA Annual Spring Conference is held over two-and-a-half days at a prestigious venue in South Florida, and offers attendees dedicated presentations by renown thought leaders in the General Session Room, concurrent educational sessions, an Exhibit Hall, and networking opportunities during breakfasts, a luncheon, breaks, nightly events, and more. NTLA members receive a 20% discount to attend the Spring Conference.

Annual Fall Symposium
The NTLA Fall Symposium is held in select cities, notably New York City, Washington, DC, and other prominent cities mainly along the east coast. The Fall Symposium is an intimate one-and-a-half day event comprised of intensive education and networking opportunities. NTLA members receive a 20% discount to attend the Fall Symposium.

Advocacy & Information

In addition to national representation on legislative issues relating to tax liens, the NTLA is also focusing its efforts on opening new tax lien markets in the coming years. As a member, you will receive quarterly newsletters with the most current information about shifts or additions in the tax lien market.

E-Newsletter Subscription
In addition to national representation on legislative issues relating to tax liens, the NTLA is also focusing its efforts on opening new tax lien markets over the coming years. All NTLA members receive a quarterly e-newsletter containing information and content addressing shifts and changes in the tax lien market; advocacy updates; a New Members section; updates on the NTLA Foundation; editorial contributions from current NTLA members; and more.
Public Relations

The NTLA actively works with positive press campaigns. Our message is that tax lien investors are truly investing in America, one community at a time, by providing local governments the funds they need to continue supporting school systems, police officers, fire fighters, and parks and recreation. Through national press releases that are broadcasted from Anchorage to Key West, our message is embraced around the country. NTLA also issues a press release announcing each new member where a principal within that entity has the opportunity to provide a quote and About Us blurb. These press releases are posted on the NTLA official website, on all social media mediums, and through a national wire.

State Tax Lien Oversight

NTLA members also learn about the latest strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, and constant changes to our industry coming from state legislators.  NTLA’s active and keen Legislative Committee promptly addresses any proposed threats to our marketplace. 

Website Resources

The website allows you to update and edit your own member profile. We encourage you to create your profile as soon as possible, to keep it updated, and to visit the website frequently. Doing so will help you stay visible to potential business partners. NTLA members also have access to contact information from all members within the member directory.

NTLA University and The Certified Tax Lien Professional (CTLP) Credential
Representatives within all NTLA member entities have the opportunity to enroll into the NTLA University program to progress toward earning his/her Certified Tax Lien Professional (CTLP™) credential. NTLA is currently finalizing a distance learning program for CTLP™ candidates to study for the examination through online training and tutorial modules.

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