About the National Tax Lien Association (NTLA)

Non-Profit Organization Founded in 1997 

The National Tax Lien Association (NTLA) was founded in 1997 as the non-profit professional trade organization for the tax lien industry. It is dedicated to representing the interest of investors, lenders, service providers, and government officials in regards to tax lien sales, as well as promoting the benefit of those sales as reliable income for municipal, county, and state budgets. The NTLA provides networking and training opportunities for professionals and novices in the tax lien industry.

The NTLA is organized by a 13-member Board of Directors, responsible for guidance and the overall planning and direction of its mission. The Board of Directors is comprised of highly skilled and educated leaders in all facets of the tax lien industry, including asset management, government finance, collections, community redevelopment and real estate law.

The Executive Director leads the NTLA's daily activities. The Executive Director is responsible for the organization, awareness, educational opportunities and public information that promote knowledge of the crucial benefits of the tax lien industry. 


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