Certified Tax Lien Professional (CTLP) brought to you by the National Tax Lien Association

The program is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance and designate industry professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of tax lien management.

Program Objectives:

1) Distinguish individuals who have received sufficient training, tenure and professionalism in the tax lien industry.
2) Create standardized training and education for those seeking foundational skills needed to effectively work in the tax lien industry.

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6 Essential Core Competencies:

The composition of the CTLP exam is guided by the extensive research on the job tasks performed and knowledge needed by industry professionals. The research included surveys of industry professionals, extensive statistical analysis and a thorough peer review.

Core 1

The designee understands basic tax lien mathematics and can calculate lien redemption amounts and investor-portfolio ROI.

Core 2

The designee can determine the appropriate laws and regulations in at least one state and any other applicable tax lien legislation.

Core 3

The designee can identify all the players with their roles and responsibilities of all components of the tax lien life cycle.

Core 4

The designee has a basic core knowledge of real estate and property management.

Core 5

The designee understands the core concepts with tax lien servicing and portfolio management.

Core 6

The designee understands basic due diligence procedures in underwriting a property and a tax lien portfolio.

FAQ's Certified Tax Lien Professional (CTLP)

NTLA Certified Tax Lien Professional (CTLP) is a certification that validates professional and financial tax lien expertise through rigorous training and an assessment exam.

Certification is an investment in one’s career and professional advancement. Being certified demonstrates a designated level of knowledge in all facets of tax lien financing. Increasing your education and investing in your future will greatly benefit you and your chosen profession.

Yes. The are specific prescribed experience, education and participation components. Additionally, a case study demonstrating charitable business practices is required.

The goal of the Certified Tax Lien Professional Program is that it establishes an Industry standard by which tax lien professionals are evaluated. This evaluation is completed using a fair, comprehensive test of your knowledge of tax liens both in the areas of acquisitions, valuations, servicing, dispositions, legal and municipal finance. Completing the evaluation will accomplish two goals. First, on an individual level, achieving certification establishes you as a highly competent professional in the tax lien industry. Second, for the hiring managers, acts as a valuable assessment to attest for an individual’s competency, thereby reducing the amount of time and energy required to research prospective candidates.

The exam will be offered in October at the NTLA Fall Symposium and in February at the NTLA annual conference.

Yes. The NTLA has documentation of attendees of previous conferences and symposiums.

Only conferences that have been vetted and approved by the NTLA Board of Directors shall be considered valid education for your experience requisites.

No. Membership in the National Tax Lien Association is not required.

A diploma of CTLP Certification will be sent to you. All CTLP designees will be acknowledged on the NTLA website and all future NTLA Conference and Symposium programs.

Congratulations! You're free to add your certification status in your email signature line, on your business card, your LinkedIn profile, etc. – anywhere you go to tell the world about yourself. We also have a CTLP logo that you can now utilize as you see fit.

Program Requirements

• APPLY (Application fee: $350)
• Agree to the Code of Ethics & Antitrust Compliance Statement


• 100 Points and successful completion of step 1 are required to earn the designation.
• Experience (3 years validated experience in tax lien industry, 5 Points are earned for each year)

  • Education (Total 40 Pts Req.)

    • NTLA Industry Webinar (5 Pts)
    • NTLA Preconference workshop (5 Pts)
    • NTLA Antitrust Classroom Training (10 Pts)
    • NTLA Antitrust Video Training (5 Pts)
    • NTLA University (2.5 day program – 25 Pts).
  • Participation (Total 45 Pts Req.)

    • NTLA Annual Conference Attendance (10 Pts
    • NTLA Fall Symposium Attendance (10 Pts)
    • NTLA Member in good standing (10 Pts
    • Member of a NTLA Committee (5 Pts/yr)
    • Develop NTLA Education Programs (5 Pts)
    • Speak at a NTLA Conference (5 Pts)
    • Non-NTLA Conference Attendance (3 Pts)
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  • Case Study or Industry related charity participation (Req.)

    • Document that you understand and participate in “good-partner business philosophy”. These short case studies can include experience with restoring blight, offering payment plans, allowing local governments to buy back or swap liens, limiting foreclosure costs, etc.
    • Industry related charity involvement would include Habitat for Humanity, Homeless Charities, Community clean-ups, etc. Demonstrate an on-going commitment and participation in a good cause.


• Final assessment is required for all candidates (Final Exam Fee: $350).
• 100 Pt. final exam.
• Pass/Fail based on a 75% score to pass.

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