Tax Lien Truths
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The NTLA Public Relations Committee researched the numerous positive aspects of tax lien sales. It's important to give recognition to the positive and most common outcomes of tax lien sales.


Real estate property taxes are the primary local revenue source for the nation’s counties, cities, and other local governments. In 2012, such governments secured $478 billion from property taxes, according to the United States Census Bureau. These tax revenues are poured into the public sector to maintain everything from school systems to police and fire departments. 

These revenues make it possible for a mentally handicapped child to obtain a quality education; for a grandparent to receive emergency medical care when falling down; for a business owner to obtain prompt assistance when a fire ignites in his newly constructed store; for a father to safely drive over a structurally sound bridge when commuting to and from his job; and for a single woman to walk home after work at night on a dark street unharmed; and much, much more. Tax revenues are the lifeline for governments, on a grand scheme, and for individuals, on a personal level...


From Vacant Space to Vibrant Place
Fixing Neighborhood Blight
Demolition Adverted
Good Partner Business Philosophy
Winter Deconstruction
Partial Payment SuccessClear Communication


Tax Ease, TCM Fund, Alterna Tax Certificate Fund, Terra Echelon, Pima County Arizona

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