How the NTLA helped shape legislation to benefit the tax lien and tax deed industry in 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Carly Cahur
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A look at how the NTLA helped shape legislation to benefit the tax lien and tax deed industry during the 2019 Legislative sessions. 

The 2019 Legislative sessions across the country are ending.  Most have adjourned and only seven are still in session: CA, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, DC.   Your Legislative Committee of the NTLA tracked over 150 proposed bills this year that would have an impact on the tax lien and tax deed industry.  These proposed bills were filtered out of thousands of bills introduced.  Some of the positive bills that passed this year dealt with reducing the amount of abandoned housing.  The reduction of abandoned housing is a cause the NTLA would like to continue to advocate for.  On the defensive side, the NTLA helped advocate against bills that would harm municipalities by lowering penalty rates or eliminating the ability to sell delinquent taxes.  Below is a sample of bills and issues that we supported and passed, and a sample of bills that we advocated against and didn’t pass.  You can see the variety of issues that we worked on in the 2019 Legislative session.

 Legislators passed twelve (12) NTLA members supported bills. 

·         Shorter tax foreclosure period for vacant and abandoned housing (NV AB 79)

·         Clarification on lien priority for various liens (NJ AB 5002)

·         Providing authority to impose assessments, fees, taxes (TX HB 4657) (TX HB 4653) (TX HB 4669)

·         Allows written notice of a lien or action to perfect the lien to be sent by electronically or by first class mail to conform to industry practices. (DE HB 94)

·         Clarifies noticing requirements for tax sales (LA HB 466)

·         Electronic noticing provisions (MD SB 59)

·         Limited priority of certain liens for developers (NJ A 5002)

·         Amend payment during assessment appeal process (AR HB 1562)

·         Clarification of tax exemptions, deferrals and abatements (UT HB 29)

·         Clarification of tax sale procedures (AZ HB 2363)

·         Homesteaded tax credits (ND HB 1041)

2019 Legislative Victories

Bills that did not pass

·         Repeal enacted changes to the law governing tax lien foreclosure (ME LD 451 (SP 129)

·         Interest Rate Reduction for delinquent taxes (CT SB 1135)

·         Abandoned Residential Property Act… imposes requirements (IL HB 3058)

·         Creation of land banks (IA SSB 1247)

·         Interest rate accrual for deferral or abatement of ad valorem taxes (TX HB 1148)

·         Relating to abandoned and blighted property (KY SB 229)

·         Property or appraised value that was erroneously exempted in a prior year to the appraisal roll, a tax lien may not be enforced against the property to secure the payment of any taxes, penalties, or interest (TX SB 434)

·         In Rem Foreclosure and Sale – Vacant and Abandoned Property (MD HB 557)

·         Annual Notice of tax liens to property owners (CT HB 6126)

NTLA Legislative Committee consists of 16 regional monitors and Chaired by Jim Meeks.  The monitors prioritize bills as high, medium, or low and position each bill as support, oppose or monitor.  Lastly, they tag each bill by issues:  Abandoned Property, Acquisition Rules, Interest Rate Change, Miscellaneous, Noticing & Enforceability, PACE, Redemption & Overbid claims – recovery, Sale in Error, and Taxpayer exemptions. 

For more details on specific bills and language or if you desire to search by issue area visit: “NTLA Legislative Tracking Map 2019”

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