Grundy County Delinquent Tax Sale to be held August 27th

Monday, August 6, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Carly Cahur
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As of Thursday morning, 166 properties are being offered for sale at the annual Grundy County Delinquent Tax Sale.

The sale will be at the courthouse in Trenton the morning of August 27th at 10 o’clock with registration for buyers to start at 8:30.

Collector-Treasurer Barbara Harris reports that of the properties to be offered, 76 will be offered for the first time, 41 for the second time, 15 for the third sale, and 34 for after the third sale. After a property is offered three times, a buyer may pay the taxes or make an offer.

The list of properties for sale may be viewed in the collector-treasurers office on the second floor of the courthouse. Anyone wishing to purchase a property must be a Missouri resident and have all taxes paid.

Harris reports Madison Township has the largest number of properties to be offered with 78, which are all at Leisure Lake. Trenton Township has the second largest offering with 43 properties. Franklin Township has 21, Liberty Township has 14, and Wilson has 10. Property owners have until the afternoon of August 24th at 4:30 to pay back taxes.

Questions about the Grundy County Delinquent Tax Sale may be directed to the collector-treasurers office at 359-4040 extension 3.

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