Property Tax Collection Rate Rises in Navajo, AZ

Thursday, August 21, 2014   (0 Comments)
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The Navajo County Treasurer’s Office collected 96.9 percent of all property taxes in fiscal year 2013-14, for a total of $82.4 million.

Treasurer Manny Hernandez recently reported that the total collected has improved over the last few years. The total uncollected average was around five percent, then dropped to four percent, and for the last two years has been at 3.1 percent. He credits his department’s success in collections to the ability to make payment arrangements.

“The treasurer’s office does everything we can to work with taxpayers,” he said. “If people will contact us, we will work with them. We will take payments.”

According to Hernandez, most of the remaining uncollected payments are for vacant property, but a few are occupied by owners who have difficulty paying.

“Unfortunately, if they do not come to us and it goes to a tax lien sale we have limited options,” Hernandez remarked. “By then they’ve had a year and a half to pay.”


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