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Be weary of forged documents to claim homes

Posted By National Tax Lien Association, Monday, July 10, 2017
Just when you think you have heard or seen it all, a new scam pops up to further create distrust in private investors, the public, or government.  

The latest scam comes from Oklahoma, where folks were posting payments for delinquent taxes from 2013, claiming ownership, and posting fake eviction notices. Rule # 1 of tax lien investing - "You are not buying real estate nor do you have any rights to access the property!"  

I don't know all the details in this recent Oklahoma case. I generally like to give naive investors the benefit of the doubt that they simply were not educated properly in this investment tool. Hearing these things always drives me to promote NTLA education and our Code of Ethics.   

These folks who posted fake eviction notices, should be prosecuted. They had no business trying to ruin peoples lives under false pretenses. They may have gone to some get-rich-quick seminar and now they face serious criminal judgments with penalties.    

There is no short cut. Learn correct principles as taught by the NTLA. Treat others fairly. Learn and abide by a code of ethics and live by the golden rule to treat others as you wish to be treated. 

Tags:  tax lien education  tax lien investing  tax lien properties  tax liens 

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