Top Three Law Schools In California

Some of the highly acclaimed California law schools include Stanford Law School, University of California; Berkeley School of Law, and the Gould School of Law.

Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School is one of the law schools in California. It is situated in Palo Alto, or the northern extreme of Silicon Valley. The campus sits on 8,000 acres meaning there are adequate activities for the students to engage in.  Admission to the Stanford Law School is highly competitive. For just 170 positions, the school receives applications numbering close to 4000. This translates to just fewer than 10% of the applicants being successful. The average score in the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) for successful applicants is 170 while the average Grade Point Average is 3.87. To gain admission to one of the top law schools in California applicants may make use of a recommendation form. One can recommend an applicant based on intellect, maturity, and oral communication skills as well as written communication skills.
In their applications, applicants are required to include what is referred to as Dean’s Statement from the undergraduate institution the applicant attended. The Dean’s Statement is basically information by the Dean of Students about the applicant detailing the conduct of the applicant including whether the applicant had a record of indiscipline.
Also in their applications applicants are required to write a personal statement of about two pages in length. Applicants may be at an advantage if they display a sincere commitment to public interest work. Extra curricular interests, activities and experiences of the applicant are also considered. Stanford Law School has a student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1.

Berkeley School of Law

The Berkeley School of Law is another one of the law schools in California. It is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area on a scenic campus. The Berkeley School of Law has a highly regarded faculty with fifteen of them having received Fulbright fellowships and twenty of them having received Guggenheim fellowships. The areas in which Berkeley School of Law is particularly renowned for include International Law, Environmental Law and Intellectual Property Law. Being one of the best public universities, students of Berkeley School of Law enjoy top-notch education at tuition costs that are lower than other top law schools in California and the rest of the United States.

Gaining admission to University of California Berkeley School of Law is highly competitive and out of the numerous applications it receives, only an average of 11% are successful. The average GPA of successful applicants ranges between 3.64 and 3.89. The scores in the LSAT average between 163 and 170.
Just like with other California law schools, applicants are required to write a personal statement essay, four pages in length. With the selection process taking a holistic approach, the personal statement offers an applicant the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Applicants are also encouraged to submit a letters of recommendation.
In the first year law students at Berkeley take the foundation courses of Tort, Contracts, Legal Research and Writing, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure and Property Law. The students are also required to choose two electives from the upper division curriculum. In their last two years the students must enroll for a class in Professional Responsibility and Constitutional Law. They must also undertake a writing project.
Most classes at Berkeley School of Law have a student population of between 60 and 120.

Gould School of Law
Gould School of Law is one of the law schools in Southern California. Having its origins dating back to 1896, the Gould School of Law is one of the California law schools that have been offering legal education for over a hundred years. Students who enroll at the Gould School of Law cite a small student population, a close-knit alumni network and favorable weather of southern California as some of the reasons that draw them to the over a century old institution.

In recent years this most esteemed of law schools in Southern California has been receiving applications numbering over six thousand. The Gould School of Law accepts approximately 20% of the total number of application it receives.
In their selection process the University of Southern California Gould School of Law looks for applicants who will not only contribute their intellect and passion but also diversity in experiences and perspectives.

Besides a short personal statement essay that gives a candidate a forum to state their reasons for choosing to study law and exhibit their writing style and personality, diversity statements can also be submitted. Letters of Recommendation are also a requirement.
The Gould School of Law has a student-to-faculty ratio of 15 to 1.

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