Top Law Schools in Texas

Some people think becoming a lawyer is no longer a productive career. Although it’s a fact that the competition for finding a better paying job is quite stiff, you can still land a valuable job with your skills. Moreover, the graying of baby-boom lawyers will definitely create some opportunities – as these lawyers retire, new lawyers will have to come forward to serve the clients. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you’ll succeed if you pick a right law school, and that’s when you can pick one of the following law schools in Texas.

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The University of Texas School of Law

Always ranked as one of the top law schools in Texas, the University Of Texas School Of Law lays its emphasis on preparing students for the competitive world ahead. Not only is it the most prestigious law school in the Southwestern region of the United States, it’s also one of the largest law schools in the nation. It is due to this particular reason that the school usually has more seats to offer as compared to many other law schools in the State. However, the admission process is still quite stiff; therefore, it’s a good idea for non-residents to apply as early as they can – the school can only accept 35% of non-residents.

In terms of curriculum, the school can compete with any prestigious school in the United States. They offer a number of degrees, including Masters of Laws, Doctor of Jurisprudence, etc., along with other programs, such as advocacy program, emerging scholars program, Pro Bono program and much more.

In terms of tuition fee, it’s again one of the best Texas law schools for natives. Texas residents will be paying around $27,840 a year, whereas non-Texas residents are required to pay $43,858. By paying this fee, you’ll get a chance to op for a variety of courses. However, this law school offers some of the very best programs in the field of intellectual property law, environmental law, tax law, and internal law. The school also provides good job opportunities, as more than 400 law firms, inside and outside of Texas, interview and select several law students.

Baylor Law School

Located in Waco, Texas, the school offers a variety of first year courses. The school strives hard to offer a great mix of theory and practice, and at the same time, nurtures commitment to responsibility and service. The faculty members are highly qualified and are focused on imparting knowledge in the best way possible.

While the school maintains a high quality standard, it also charges a lot. It costs around $43,573, which is quite expensive as compared to many other law schools in Texas. The tuition fee is on the higher side even with the grant – the median grant is $8,033 for full-time students. On the other hand, the admission criteria are quite tough as well, with an average LSTA score of 162 and an average GPA of 3.69.

However, the good thing is that a high percentage of students (94%) pass the bar exam on their first try – it’s quite high as compared to many of the best law schools in Texas. On the other hand, over 89.8% of students receive an employment offer at graduation, which is quite impressive too.

University of Houston Law Center

Accredited by the American Bar Association, the University Of Houston Law Center can easily be considered as one of the top law schools in Texas. Located in Houston, the school enrolls 800 students in their degree program. They offer a diverse range of legal courses and are one of those best law schools in Texas that offer “top 10″ nationally ranked specialty programs.

They offer a variety of programs, including six L.L.M programs – the list includes Health Law, Intellectual Property & Information Law, Tax Law, International Law, Foreign Scholars, and Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Law.

One impressive thing is that the school costs only $28,130 as tuition fee, which is a lot less as compared to some other Texas law schools. However, it’s also worth mentioning that though the grant is available for students, it’s quite low (the median grant is around $1,950 for full-time students). While the low tuition fee attracts many applicants, the admission process is not easy, especially considering the average LSAT and GPA, which are 161 and 3.42 respectively.

After admission, you can be a proud part of a school where 91% of students pass the bar exam on their first try. At the same time, you will find it a lot easy to secure a job because 93.3% of students receive an employment offer once they complete their graduation.

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