Top Criminal Justice Schools in Maine

There are ten criminal justice schools in Maine, a lot fewer than in other states of the US. However, the academic programs offered by these colleges are generous: undergraduate and graduate courses are available, and students can graduate with a bachelor’s, associate’s, or master’s degree in criminal justice. Employment opportunities in Maine are also fewer, compared to other states. Some of the criminal justice agencies in Maine that have open positions are the Border Patrol, Transportation Security Administration, Maine State Police and Department of Corrections.

Let’s see what the top 3 criminal justice schools in Maine are and what they can offer you:

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Southern Maine Community College

Students who intend to apply at one of the criminal justice colleges in Maine should surely look into the Southern Maine Community College. This university offers an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in criminal justice. Some of the courses students must complete in order to earn the degree include Introduction to Criminology, Criminal Justice Electives, Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Introduction to Criminal Justice. Teachers at the Southern Maine Community College blend their practical experience in investigations, police patrol, forensics, or criminal prosecution, with theoretical considerations.

Top students have the opportunity to participate to an internship program in the second year of studies at the university. For one semester, students have the chance to work closely with professionals in Maine’s top criminal justice agencies.

This program includes a comparative criminal justice course. During the spring break, students make a trip to Ireland in order to compare the law enforcement system there with the US system.  The academic program at the Southern Maine Community College emphasizes practical experience and field work with the purpose of preparing students to succeed in their future criminal justice careers.

University of Southern Maine

Another one of the top criminal justice schools in the state is the University of Southern Maine. The Department of Criminology offers a 4 year undergraduate program which leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology. Students can also graduate with a Minor in Criminology. The program includes courses like White Collar Crime, Introduction to Criminology, Research Methods in Criminology, Law and State or Comparative Criminology.

The University is one of the criminal justice colleges in Maine which offers financial aid to top students who cannot afford to pay tuition. Students can apply for various scholarships, tax credits, or loans for students. Furthermore, they can supplement their income by participating to the Federal Work Study Program which offers students the opportunity to work in various federal agencies while attending criminal justice classes at the University of Southern Maine.

Internship opportunities are also available. Past students have interned within the Saco Police Department, Maine Department of Corrections, Brunswick Police Department, or the Portland Police.

Criminal justice students can find guidance at the Student Success Center of the University. Here, the university staff offers assistance in career planning or academic problems to students who want to ensure their academic and professional success.

The criminal justice program at the University of Southern Maine focuses on groundbreaking research in criminology, social justice and comparative criminal justice. Emphasis is placed not on the development of practical skills in the law enforcement field, but on the profound understanding of the social foundations of crime and social harm.

St Joseph College of Maine

Students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from one of the top criminal justice colleges in Maine can also choose St Joseph’s College of Maine. The college has a Bachelor of Arts program in criminal justice. A minor in criminal justice is also available at St Joseph’s College of Maine.

The college offers an online program in criminal justice. Students can opt for the Bachelor of Science in general science, Criminal Justice specialization or the Associate of science in criminal justice degree online programs.

Students are prepared to take on jobs in the FBI, police, parole, probation and immigration. Unlike other criminal justice colleges in Maine, St Joseph’s College focuses mainly on developing the practical skills students need in order to successfully adapt to the dynamic field of criminal justice. In the senior year, students must participate to a full-year internship program within a criminal justice agency of Maine. Interns of the Police Department of the City of Westbrook have high chances of getting hired there after graduation.

Criminal justice students have the opportunity to present their research at various national and international conferences and broaden their network of contacts in the academic and professional field of criminal justice.

Students who cannot afford to pay tuition at St Joseph’s College of Maine can apply for scholarships and loans, or choose an online academic program, with a smaller tuition fee.

Employment Opportunities in Maine

Although, compared to other states, Maine does not offer many employment opportunities for criminal justice graduates, the recent years have brought an improvement in the employment rate of degree holders. A bachelor’s degree obtained at any of these top-rated criminal justice schools in Maine constitutes an important advantage for graduates who want join the Main Police forces.

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