Best Three Criminal Justice Schools in Indiana

Pursuing a career in law enforcement can become reality if you follow the courses of one of the reputed criminal justice colleges in Indiana. Modern facilities, a dynamic relationship between the students and the staff, affordable tuition fees and counseling are only some of the advantages offered by most institutions.

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However, not all colleges use the same means or resources in order to prepare their students for a successful career. Here is a list with the top three criminal justice schools in the state of Indiana:

1.    Indiana University, Bloomington

The activity of the Department of Criminal Justice within the College of Arts and Sciences of the Indiana University from Bloomington takes places at 302 Sycamore Hall, Bloomington. With a small campus located in the city, Indiana University has built a strong reputation in preparing professionals in the criminal justice system.

Through its undergraduate and graduate programs, the Department of Criminal Justice intends to offer students a multidisciplinary perspective, covering a multitude of subjects: from crime and law problems to managing the public criminal justice system.

Students following a major or minor specialization or looking for a certificate have the possibility to attend courses online or on-campus grounds, thus building a solid background for a successful career in public or private institutions.

By attending the courses of this department, students have access to the latest research methods in the field of criminal justice, to a modern study environment and to practice stages. Internship programs have been elaborated in order to set the fundaments of the graduates’ future work experience.

As for financial issues, the institution offers financial support for master and doctoral students. Those who qualify for receiving financial aids may apply for an instructorship, a research assistantship or fellowships. Also, fee remissions are accessible according to specified criteria.

Known as one of the most competent criminal justice schools in Indiana, the Department of Criminal Justice provides, not only the theoretical background needed for a successful career, but also the insight on the real-working environment.

2.    Ball State University

Located at 2000 W. University Ave. Muncie, Ball State University prepares students passionate in law enforcement and public safety for a successful career in this domain. Within the university, the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology functions as an individual entity, committed to offering high-quality academic courses and modern educational tools.

In order to better understand this demanding professional field, students are offered various study programs that combine practice with theory, in order to provide solutions for today’s working context.

The two bachelor degree study programs available, the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts, have a similar course structure, differing only in a language course required for the arts degree.

The Criminal Justice and Criminology Associate in Arts Degrees continue the line of study of the BA. These two-year programs prepare students for mid-level professional management, covering subjects such as criminology, correctional system, federal structures or sociology.

As for the MA degree, the department proposes a managerial approach to criminal justice. It is a great opportunity for continuing your education and improving your professional competences and skills. The theoretical background is backed-up by internships and practice stages. Graduates will be offered the possibility to interact with real employers and to apply for open positions.

The lively campus life and the many additional student services have contributed to the rising popularity of the college and to its reputation as one of the best criminal justice colleges in Indiana. State-of-art classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and a modern library provide the right environment for laborious papers and many hours of research.

Affordable tuition fees, a competent counseling center and various financial programs (grants, loans and federal aids) to cover any issue related to the cost of the studies complete the great image of Ball State University.

3.    Purdue University Indianapolis

Recognized as one of the best criminal justice schools in Indiana, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs Indianapolis, abbreviated SPEA, with headquarters at 801 West Michigan Street, offers a modern curriculum in criminal justice, adapted to today’s needs of the working market.

Students interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice system have the possibility to choose between two undergraduate study programs: Criminal Justice or Public Safety Management. As for graduate degrees, you can obtain a diploma in Science in Criminal Justice and Public Safety.

The innovation of the academic curricula is the interdisciplinary approach and the integration of many social concepts within the line of study. Also, the university has developed long-term relationships with federal and local governmental institutions or nonprofit organizations operating in this field.

The first contact with one of the best criminal justice schools in Indiana represented by the astonishing atmosphere on the campus. A welcoming, friendly community of students and professors interact in a multicultural space, using the latest technology and facilities.

SPEA considers that everybody should have access to higher education. In this sense, every year, the institution offers numerous scholarships (in amount of $1,000). Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled (qualified according to specific criteria) have the possibility to apply for financial aid.

Reaching a high level of performance and sustaining excellence in education and training is more than a noble mission for the individual and the humankind. In today’s global context, law enforcement services become vital for a well-functioning society.

So, if you decide that this career suits you, analyze the offers of these criminal justice colleges in Indiana and pursue your dream!

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