The Top Law Schools In New York

Undoubtedly, some of the best law schools in the United States, are the law schools in New York State. This is because these law colleges in New York not only have a reputation for fine education and being the best. They are also the top law schools in New York in addition as well. Something, which is a distinct honor, because they represent all that high quality law schools in New York City should be all about from start to finish.

Law schools were something that was not common in the United States up until the late 19th century. A good number of people entered the field of law by reading law. Reading law was a type of apprenticeship or independent study that was done under the tutelage of a highly experienced attorney. The very first educational institution that was opened specifically to teach law was called Litchfield Law School and it was established by Judge Tapping Reeve in 1784. The express purpose for this school was to keep together the number of lecture attendees and aspiring apprentices together. Even though this learning institution, as well as other programs, did prove to be very successful. There were very few candidates who did attend these law schools. Apprenticeships would remain the way to go until the 1890s and the establishment of the American Bar Association in 1878. The American Bar Association began to press states to limit anyone to the bar unless they had completed a number of years instruction in post-graduate education.

What are the top law schools in New York? One college in particular at the head of this list is no other than Columbia University in New York City. Columbia University was first founded originally in 1754 as King’s College and then took on another name of Columbia College in 1784. This famed university has twenty different schools and is connected with various institutions that include Teachers College, Barnard College, and so forth. The Columbia University School of Law was established in 1858 and is considered to be just one of the very best of all law schools in America. This is because Columbia has a long standing reputation for academic excellence and has an ivy-league status. The selection process for this prestigious college is very selective and with very good reason. The best law school only accepts the very best.

Second on the list of top law colleges in New York is no other than New York University School of Law. New York University School of Law is also one of the finest of all law universities in all of the country. This is not just due to its prime location in the City of New York either. New York University was established in 1831 and its main campus is located in a neighborhood of Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan. This private and non-profit institution for higher learning is one of the largest of its kind. It is known for being a place of higher education that is totally dedicated to both public service and also ethnic diversity. It is also a very elite law school that can boost of academic excellence and for having very superlative job placement for graduates in New York City and beyond. NYU is the perfect law school for those who seek diversity in the teaching curriculum that is offered and for students who desire to learn all they can about different specialties of law. There are well over 7,000 students who compete for the very limited seating of 450 in an entering class here.

The third best when it comes to law schools in New York City is Cornell University. Cornell University is a private Ivy League college that was founded by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White in 1865. This very fine research university can also boast as being one of the high caliber group when it comes to top law schools in New York State. Cornell University is hidden within the confines of the very beautiful place of Ithaca, New York. Students who decide to seek out an Ivy-league education as this top law college can hide away from the stresses and constant busy of city life. The campus at Cornell is both warm and peaceful in its own way. However, the teaching of law is amid the finest in the country, because the academic curriculum that offers programs which are highly-regarded in the field of international law and lots of opportunities to study abroad.

Cornell Law School is a small school that is situated inside of a huge research university. It is a unique kind of law school in its own right which does make it very special indeed. It is a different kind of college atmosphere that encourages community with less than 200 students in each law class. The campus at Cornell is not only picturesque. It also offers a high quality of life to students who do enroll there.

The top law schools in New York have just been profiled here. Each one is very special in its own way and for its own reasons. Therefore, when a student does decide to enter a law school, they do have these fine schools of higher learning where law is concerned. These are only just a few examples of some of the best law colleges that are available to those seeking to become lawyers

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