The Best Criminal Justice Schools in Virginia

Pursuing a higher education in one of the renowned criminal justice colleges in Virginia can be a good starting point in building a successful career as a law enforcement officer, which is why the information on the following three schools may come in useful.

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  1. Strayer University

Currently situated on 676, Independence Parkway in Chesapeake, this institution is the symbol of quality when it comes to forming new generations of criminal justice specialists. Both online and on campus courses are organized and students have the opportunity to attend to many lectures, conferences and practical demonstrations.

Several forms of financial aid are available, from scholarships awarding excellence in study to regional or federal programs designed to support the students who have a precarious material situation. If you work and study at the same time you can get a special scholarship to help you cover a part of the expenses related to your studies. The quantum of the admission and tuition fees is usually established at the beginning of every year of study by the board of the university.

Just like the other highly reputed criminal justice schools in Virginia, Strayer University offers you the possibility to qualify in several fields. You can get a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Homeland Security Technology, Criminal Justice Administration or Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The courses last 1 or 2 years, and they involve both interactive lessons and practical demonstrations.

Graduating from Strayer is the first step you take in building a successful career. Not only police departments, but also FBI and other major security agencies recruit this university’s graduates, because this institution is considered one of the best criminal justice colleges in Virginia.

  1. South University

The name of this institution, located on 301 Bendix Road, Virginia Beach, is synonymous with success in many domains, including criminal justice. Having a more than a century of tradition in offering high quality education, the university adapted to the requirements of the 21st century, organizing both on-campus and online courses.

A lot of financial aid programs are available to help you cover at your disposition, helping you to totally or partially cover the expenses with your studies. Besides, you can also qualify for one of the numerous scholarships this institution offers. The value of the tuition and admission fees depends on the duration of the studies and on the type of degree pursued, being established at the beginning of every year of study.

The criminal justice college of South University is one of the top rated criminal justice schools in Virginia. You can obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Legal Studies or Criminal Justice. Also, if you are interested in following an undergraduate program, you can study for an AS in Paralegal Studies or Criminal Justice.

If you want to get a Master’s of Science degree in a law enforcement sub-branch, you can specialize in Criminal Justice. The duration of the course is of two years, but if you select the complete BS+MS program, you have to study for a period of 4 or 5 years.

Getting a diploma from one of the best known criminal justice colleges in Virginia is a great advantage in your future career, allowing you to work as a technical consultant in a laboratory or as a law enforcement officer.

  1. ITT Technical Institute

Located in Norfolk, on 863 Glenrock Road, this university keeps up with the latest progresses in science and technology, offering you the opportunity to specialize in several fields, including criminal justice.

The institution takes part in many programs designed to offer financial aid to active military, veterans and reservists who want to get a higher education. The G.I Bill Education Program and the Yellow Ribbon G.I Education Enhancement Program are only two of the numerous projects ITT Tech participates in. Besides, a lot of scholarships and financial support programs are available for students with a difficult material situation.

The university has one of the best criminal justice schools in Virginia, and you can study on campus to get an Associates degree in Criminology & Forensic Technology, Paralegal, Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies.

If you are interested in obtaining a Bachelors degree, you can attend the on-campus courses of Criminal Justice – Cyber Security and Criminal Justice.

If you work and you want to complete your education at the same time, you can sign up for the online courses organized by ITT Technical Institute. This way, you have the possibility to obtain an undergraduate diploma in fields like Paralegal Studies, Criminology & Forensic Technology, Paralegal and Criminal Justice.

Attending the online courses organized by one of the best criminal justice schools in Virginia, you can specialize in Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice – Cyber Security, getting a Bachelors degree.

Once you complete your studies, you have numerous employment options, because the national security agencies and police departments are always interested in hiring competent people.

By choosing any of these criminal justice colleges in Virginia in order to complete your education, you have great chances to build a successful career.

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