Criminal Justice In Schools Pennsylvania

If you have in mind pursuing a degree in criminal justice, you should consider attending one of the following three criminal justice colleges in PA, known to offer excellent programs and facilities for those who wish to focus on studying criminal law.

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Pennsylvania State University

Currently situated in University Park, at 201 Old Main, this institution is reputed to be among the best criminal justice schools in PA, offering its students the possibility to pursue a college degree in Criminal Justice or a program completion certificate.

Pennsylvania State University offers financial aids through grants (Federal Grants, Pennsylvania State Grants, Institutional Grants and Out-of-State Grants) and loans to students requiring them, as well as scholarships for those who achieve excellent results throughout the year.

For the students looking to make an additional income, there is a specialized program, Federal Work-Study, which gives them the opportunity to cover their educational expenses by working in the college, on campus, in the University office, or in nonprofit organizations.

Another important aspect are the internships, as Pennsylvania State University has an outstanding reputation: 50% of the internships granted here turn into job offers. Students are also encouraged to become members in Student Organizations, in order to develop leadership skills, time management skills, to meet people with similar interests and to get involved in activities which clarify their career goals.

Pennsylvania State University offers Bachelor, Master programs, as well as online degree courses. The Bachelor degree course lasts 4 years and has a wide variety of specializations: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security, Forensic Sciences, Criminology, Law Enforcement Policy, Trans-national Crime, Private Security, Criminal Investigations, etc.

The past few years have seen a development of the focus on crime and forensic science at the University of Pennsylvania. Most students graduating from this criminal justice college are likely to find employment in the City, State or Federal agencies and in the police or the law enforcement departments.

Saint Joseph’s University

It is situated on 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, and, for thirteen consecutive years, U.S. News & World Report ranked it as one of the best criminal justice schools in PA.

Saint Joseph’s University has a system of rolling admissions for graduate applicants. Documents can be submitted to the Office of Graduate Operations any time during the year, for admission consideration.

As a modern university, Saint Joseph is trying to support its students by providing grants, loans and merit scholarships.

There are institutional grants, based on demonstrated financial needs and/or eligibility, there is the Federal Pell Grant Program (grants range from $500 to $5,550, determined by a student’s financial needs), there is also the Federal Opportunity Grant for Supplemental Education (students must demonstrate exceptional financial needs) and there is the PHEAA State Grant (Administered through the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency and granted only to Pennsylvania residents).

Students can also try to apply for the Perkins loan, which has low interest and it is need-based, with limited funding.

Being among the best criminal justice colleges in PA, Saint Joseph’s University has a good curriculum. The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Institute offers 26 degree and certificate programs, among which we can find M.S. in Criminal Justice, M.S. in Public Safety, M.S. in Homeland Security, M.S. in Environmental Protection and Safety Management.

There are also online Master and Bachelor programs, designed to create scholars/practitioners who understand the latest research and administrative strategies in the Criminal Justice system. The institute also offers post-Bachelor and post-Master’s certificate programs for executives and practitioners.

The students who successfully graduate from the bachelor or from the master programs have chances of finding jobs as chiefs of police, community managers, restorative justice coordinators, intelligence officers at the Regional Fusion Centers and federal law enforcement officers, to name just a few of the numerous positions accessible both in the public and private sectors.

Saint Joseph’s university is among the most renowned criminal justice schools in PA and continues to create leaders and professionals at the highest standards due to its thorough training, education and research program.

Temple University

Temple University is located at 1801 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, and it is considered less expensive than the two previous universities, despite the fact that it offers the same benefits and career options. Knowing the needs of its students, Temple University has many financial instruments to assist them in paying their fees and bills.

First, there are the grants: Federal Pell Grants (awarded to full and part-time undergraduate students, their eligibility is determined based on financial need), Federal Grants for Academic Competitiveness, Federal Opportunity Grants for Supplemental Education, State Grants.

Second, you have scholarships, which are limited and awarded only to those enrolled full time, and educational loans, for which the interest rates are lower than those for personal loans and the repayment period is extended.

Another great alternative is the Federal Work-Study Program, which provides part-time employment for college students who have to work in order to pay for their studies.

Temple University offers interdisciplinary bachelor degrees in a wide variety of fields, like: psychology, criminology, geography, sociology, criminal law and history.

The students who graduate from Temple University can consider the following jobs: police officers, school resource officers, deputy sheriffs, legislative security officers, magisterial district court staff, park rangers, state constables and crime prevention specialists.

Any undergraduate or graduate looking to work in the law enforcement should consider attending any of these criminal justice colleges in PA, renowned for the thorough study programs, financial aids and excellent career opportunities they offer.




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