Law Schools in Oregon

According to most experts, the job market for new lawyers is not going great, and that’s mainly because too many lawyers are chasing too few jobs. However, it’s also true that the top 10% from good law schools will always manage to secure high paying jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that over 7,600 new lawyer jobs will be available between 2010 and 2020, but you can expect a high paying job if you complete your degree from one of the most prestigious law schools in Oregon.

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    Picking the Best Law Schools in Oregon

    There are quite a few law schools in Oregon, and they can be ranked differently. Some are better in terms of courses they offer, while others offer good scholarship programs and other facilities. What it implies is that you have to make a choice considering your unique circumstances. In case you’re confused, here’s a bit more about the top three Oregon law schools to help you make a good decision.

    The University of Oregon School of Law

    Considered one of the most prestigious institutions in the Northwestern United States, the University Of Oregon School Of Law is well equipped with essential facilities and practical experience to prepare students for a career in different fields. Something all students should know is that though it’s one of the very best law schools in the State, but you cannot call it a school of national prestige.

    However, there are certain things that make it a good choice for many students. For instance, if you want to stay and work in Oregon, it’s a good idea to pick this law school. Moreover, it’s one of those Oregon law schools where tuition is not on the higher side – Oregon residents pay around $22,328 a year. Another positive thing is that accommodation facilities in the Eugene area are quite cheap – you may be spending only about $8,000 a year. The combination of cheap housing and low tuition is the one big factor attracting students to opt for this law school.

    In terms of quality of education, you will be impressed with what you get. Considering the fact that the school ranks 7th in Dispute Resolution, 10th in Legal Writing and 9th in Environmental Law, it’s easy to say that the school offers some strong clinical programs. On the other hand, the faculty is very good, intelligent and approachable. And finally, the quality of life is good in campus, as the student body is small yet helpful – they always promote cooperation than competition.

    Lewis & Clark Law School


    Although the school maintains a high quality standard, it’s quite expensive too. The college costs around $36,412 a year, which is quite expensive as compared to some other law schools in Oregon. Admission requirements are quite strict too – most admitted students have LSAT score of 161 or more with an average GPA of 3.49.

    The total number of full-time faculty members is 55, and they help students understand different courses, including business law, criminal law, global law, animal law, public interest law, intellectual property law, and so on. There’s also the dept to give you a chance to specialize by taking different advanced courses and by getting practical experience through clinical internship seminars, clinics, and externships.

    Willamette University College of Law

    Established in 1883, the Willamette University College of Law stands proudly in the epicenter of government, state law and business. This particular law college stands out for its distinctive learning environment. The College of Law lays its full emphasis on small enrollment, brilliance in teaching and top level of faculty-student interaction.

    In terms of facilities, this is one of the very best law colleges in Oregon. In an 80-acre campus, you’ll find the cutting-edge amenities for students, including modern classrooms, a state-of-the-art wireless network, and a law library – the J.W. Long Law Library maintains over 300,000 print volumes tailored specifically to the law school curriculum. Moreover, the students have easy access to other facilities, including the University Center, Goudy Dining Commons and The Bistro, the Willamette Store and more.

    Willamette University is one of those law colleges in Oregon where tuition fees is quite reasonable – it costs around $32,540 a year, which is less than what some other top colleges cost in the area. Moreover, full-time students can take advantage of $10,000 available in grant.

    The currently admitted students have LSAT score of 155, along with an average GPA of 3.15. They have tight admission requirements, which is one of the reasons why 86% of college students pass the bar exam on the first try.





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