Find Criminal Justice Schools in Georgia Area

The young aspiring to find employment in the law enforcement can choose to complete their studies in some of the best criminal justice colleges in Georgia. Although there are many institutions that organize courses in this field, the following three have the best reputation and resources:

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1.    Georgia State University
Georgia State University was founded in 1913, under the original name of Georgia’s ‘School of Commerce.’ It is the second largest university in the state, with approximately 19,000 undergraduate students. The criminal justice college is named Andrew Young School of Policy Studies and the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology is located at 140 Decatur Street, Suite 1201, Atlanta.

In order for students to be admitted at Georgia State University, they must pass the SAT exam and have a high school transcript. Applications for the undergraduate programs are accepted from March 1st for the fall semester, with an application fee of $50.
Like most criminal justice schools in Georgia, the one under discussions meets its students financing needs with different grants, scholarships, loans and work & study programs. Most of the grants are approved based on the students’ grade, performance in the practical courses and attendance.
Several types of loans are available, the most popular being the Stafford and the Perkins loans.  The tuition fees are lower for Georgia undergraduate students compared to those applicable for out-of-state students.
The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology prepares more than 560 students, its programs covering degrees as Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Master of Science in Criminal Justice and in Philosophy, Doctor in Philosophy, Doctor in Criminal Justice and in Criminology.

The internships represent valuable opportunities for the students, as, besides allowing them to combine theory and practice, they also increase their chances to obtain a good job after graduation or even before. All the students with major in criminal justice take part in internship programs throughout their last semester of studies in federal, state, county, municipal and private sector organizations with activity related to criminal justice.

As graduates from one of the best criminal justice schools in Georgia, students can start their careers as police officers, probation officers, correction officers, forensic scientists, criminologists, etc., knowing that they have the necessary theoretical and practical training to excel.

2.    Albany State University

It is located at 504 College Drive, in Albany, its Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Department covering several subjects and offering valuable research opportunities.
Being listed as one of the top ten criminal justice colleges in Georgia, this university offers its students the possibility to cover the costs of their studies through Federal loans, like the Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, the Perkins Loans, the Direct Parent Plus Loans and the Alternative Loans.
Numerous scholarships are also offered in order to reward special skills or excellent grades in the memory of James H. Porter and Marie H. Dixon. There are also the HOPE Scholarships, granted to freshmen graduates from a high school in Georgia, with a “B” average in a college preparatory), and the Grants for the Dependents of the Law Enforcement Personnel.

The Criminal Justice and Forensics Department aims to model the best graduates in research, forensics, law enforcement, detective work and police activity.

The programs available within the Department are: online certificate courses in Biomedical Forensic Science, online and on campus Masters of Science degrees in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science Degrees in Forensic Science and in Criminal Justice, focusing especially on Law Enforcement, Public Administration, Corrections and on Forensic Sciences.

3.    Darton College

Among the best criminal justice schools in Georgia we also have Darton College, located at 2400 Gillionville Rd, in Albany.
The overall costs are up to 3 or 4 times higher for the out-of-state students, compared to those applied to Georgia residents, but, luckily, there are several financial help plans that students can apply for in order to cover the costs.
There is the Federal Aid consisting in: Pell Grants, Federal Grants for Supplemental Educational Opportunity, Federal Work&Study, Stafford Student Loans and Federal PLUS Loans.
Then, there are the HOPE aid and grants programs, granted to students with very good school results.

Just like most of the other criminal justice colleges, Darton prepares students for careers in the courts system, in law enforcement and in the corrections system – as well as for a possible transfer to a baccalaureate institution.

The programs available within the Darton College are: Criminal Justice Associates of Science, Criminal Justice Management, Criminal Justice Technology. There are also online classes, making it convenient for students to pursue a degree in criminal justice and keep a job at the same time.

As more and more high school graduates from Georgia and from across the United States dream of building a career in criminal justice, the programs, the financial aid and the facilities each of these criminal justice colleges in Georgia offer weigh heavily on their choice of pursuing a college degree.

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