Criminal Justice Schools in Washington

Criminal justice colleges in Washington offer students a great array of opportunities and prepare them for working in the state’s various protective service agencies. There are over 15,000 employees in the law enforcement field in Washington who work in over 240 law enforcement agencies. The criminal justice programs offered by the state prepare students for handling these jobs properly and professionally. Graduates can work in crime labs, correctional facilities, and police and sheriff patrols.

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Out of the 31 criminal justice schools in Washington, the top 3 are considered to be the Central Washington University, the Everest Community College and Charter College.

Best Criminal Justice Schools in Washington

1. Central Washington University

Central Washington University is located in Ellensburg, and it is the state’s largest criminal justice school. In 2009, 134 graduates obtained their criminal justice degree from the Central Washington University; this means that 17% of the state’s criminal justice graduates that year were trained at this university.

Central Washington University is a 4-year public institution that has an admission rate of 79% and full time retention rate of 78%. The annual tuition at this university is over $6, 400.

The well-trained academic staff at Central Washington University encourage personal, professional and emotional development, creating a strong community that encompasses individuals that come from a variety of backgrounds. The university is in partnership with community colleges, constantly working to extend the reach of their current educational programs. The community gathered here values teaching techniques that encourage intellectual depth and lifelong learning.

Amongst the many subjects and degrees offered by this university, there is the much appreciated Criminal Justice/ Safety Study program. These graduate programs help build strong partnerships between faculty and students, exploiting key areas of research and practice.

The university can offer Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Post Baccalaureate certificate. The department of Criminal Justice and Criminology offers the following programs: Minor, Bachelor of Arts, Master and PhD in Criminal Justice. According to the Journal of Criminal Justice Education the faculty is ranked 4th in the country.

2. Everest College

Everest Community College has many campuses located around the Unites States, out of which one in Everett, Washington. The criminal justice programs at Everett trains students for careers in security and administration, immigrations, corrections and probation. The programs are comprehensive and allow students to gain skills that will enable them to become professionals in protecting life and property, planning, researching, conducting administration and maintaining law and order.

The curriculum includes courses in: criminology, criminal investigations, criminal procedure, criminal evidence, criminal justice communications, introduction to terrorism and introduction to corrections. It is complemented by the in-depth study of the national criminal justice system and overview of the law enforcement agencies and correctional organizations.

These criminal justice programs in Washington are designed for students who want to acquire knowledge of the extent and nature of delinquency as well as knowledge of the explanation and cause of deviant behavior. Additional areas of study include fundamental investigating techniques, rules of evidence and philosophy of criminal law.

The skills that students will develop during the courses include critical-thinking, research, communicative and organizational skills. The students at Everest become prepared for today’s highly competitive work environment.

Everest College offers the following degrees and certificates: Associate of Applied Science – Criminal Justice, Associate of Applied Science – Paralegal, Diploma – Criminal Justice, Associate of Science – Paralegal. All programs focus on the specific needs of students and on the requirements of the state.

3. Charter College

Charter College is one of the best criminal justice colleges in Washington. It functions as a post-secondary school and, amongst its many campuses, 4 are located in Washington. The college was founded in Anchorage, Alaska. The four campuses in Washington are located in Bellingham, Lynwood, Pasco and Vancouver. Out of these 4, Charter College Bellingham, Charter College Pasco and Charter College Vancouver offer very well-built criminal justice programs.

Charter College Bellingham offers an Associate of Applied Science Diploma in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Those who graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice can easily find employment in public as well as private policing agencies, social services, corrections, the court system or in corporate security. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is designed for those looking for criminal justice programs in Washington that will facilitate their career advancement.

The Charter College in Pasco offers an AAS Degree in Criminal Justice, an AAS Degree in Paralegal Studies and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. Due to the Certificate in Paralegal Studies offered, Charter College Pasco is one of the Washington criminal justice schools that are suitable for students who are interested in finding entry-level employment.

Charter College Vancouver offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. It is one of the best criminal justice schools in Washington that can help you pursue a new career in the criminal justice field and related fields. Graduates find employment opportunities easily, and those with a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice can occupy higher positions in the criminal justice community.

Washington is in constant need of well-trained criminal justice professionals, so, once you graduate from any of the abovementioned institutions, you will have good chances of finding a job. It is estimated that there will be an increase of 21% in the number of criminal justice professionals in the state by 2018. Those who graduate from these top criminal justice schools in Washington should expect to earn between $18,421 and $41,815 per year.





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