Criminal Justice Schools in Utah

There are 19 criminal justice schools in Utah, and it is estimated that, every year, about 500 students graduate from criminal justice schools in the state. Students can attend courses in criminal justice, criminology, forensic sciences, homeland security, law enforcement administration, law enforcement policy, transnational crime, private security and criminal investigations. After graduation, students have great perspectives, as the demand for criminal justice graduates in the state looks very good.

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There are approximately 6,680 criminal justice professionals in Utah, and this number will increase up to 8,260 by 2018. These professionals earn between $17, 104 and $37, 242 annually.

Utah Criminal Justice Schools – Top 3 Institutions in the State

1. Bridgerland Applied Technology College

The Bridgeland Applied Technology College is the largest criminal justice school in the state and it is located in Logan. The college is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education or COE, and their educational programs are furthermore accredited by national and state programmatic commissions.

In 2009, over 62 students graduated from the Bridgeland Applied Technology College in Utah, obtaining a criminal justice degree that offered them a solid base for their future careers. This number represents about 12% of the students who have graduated a criminal justice program in the state that year.

The college is one of the 4 colleges in Utah and it provides students with options such as getting a several-month certificate, one-year certificate or 2-year certificate. They function by a continuum curriculum calendar system and offer 32 majors, out of which one in Criminal Justice and Police Science (several-month certificate). In 2011, 85 students, out of which 8.24% were women, got a Postsecondary Award in Criminal Justice / Police Science. This is higher than the average for all similar college completions.

The college has an acceptance rate of 100% and a number of over 800 enrolled students. They offer under 2- year programs in criminal justice and law enforcement/police, correctional officer (prison officer), security services, forensics / crime scene investigation and fire science.

2. Dixie State College of Utah

Amongst the best criminal justice schools in Utah there is also the Dixie College of Utah. Their purpose is to offer students personalized teaching in an environment where students will become passionate and active. The college is authorized by the State’s Board of Regents, being an institution that is publicly supported and has 2 independent tiers.

They offer associate degrees as well as certificate programs, according to the needs of the students, the state and the community. They also offer baccalaureate programs in areas where the demand is high. The number one priority at Dixie College is the success of the students.  While the lower-division courses available are open admission, students must meet certain requirements in order to access upper-division programs.

The Dixie State College is one of the criminal justice colleges in Utah that encourage demographic and cultural diversity. Students are also invited to take part in open-doors, post-secondary programs, which contribute to enhancing the campus’s climate. Students are allowed to experience the broadness of human experience and knowledge in order to model their world views and assemble a global perspective.

Dixie State College offers unique educational programs; they provide 2 Bachelor’s degree programs, allowing students to earn their degree in either criminology or digital forensics. There are no other criminal justice programs in Utah that can provide a four-year degree in this field of study, featuring these 2 specialized areas of learning. This means whole new possibilities for criminal justice students, who will have a complete and unique experience at the Dixie State College in Utah.

3. Southern Utah University

Another prestigious criminal justice school in the state is the Southern Utah University. It is also the kind of university that focuses a lot on personalized classes. This is one of the best criminal justice schools in Utah particularly because the staff here places the students first and tries to offer them the best education possible, by designing personalized, small classes where the supportive and well-trained professors can interact better with all students and can observe everyone’s performances.

They enable students to achieve excellence in the field that they have chosen to study and they provide students with a wide array of programs that can meet students’ particular requirements.

Some of the best criminal justice programs in Utah can be found at this university, which offers associates program in criminal justice, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in criminal justice – with emphasis on forensic science, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in criminal justice, criminal justice minor, and a master of public administration with emphasis on criminal justice.

The Southern Utah University is located in Cedar City and it is a public university established in 1897. Their admission rate is 72%. Rankings of criminal justice schools in Utah have placed this university in top 10 in the country, according to Consumer’s digest. Also, according to the National Research Center for College and University Admissions, the Southern Utah University has the 9th best admission website in the country.

If you want to enroll in a criminal justice program in Utah that can meet your exigencies, you can definitely find some prestigious schools in the state that can offer you personalized, unique educational programs, as established previously. The three described above are the best criminal justice colleges in Utah, so, no matter which one you choose, you can be sure you will receive great support.






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