Criminal Justice Schools in South Carolina

Working in the field of law enforcement offers you the occasion to build a solid career, especially if you earned your degree in one of the prestigious criminal justice schools in South Carolina.

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The University of South Carolina

Located on 1305, Greene Street in Columbia, this is one of the largest and most famous universities in the state. The eight campuses of the institution can shelter, according to the last statistics, a number of up to 27,000 students. This university is also famous for having one of the best criminal justice schools in South Carolina.

The admission conditions and the costs of a year of study are periodically established by the board of the institution. If you fulfill the requirements, you can benefit from a student loan granted by the federal government or you can even receive a scholarship from the university, as an award for your achievements as a student. According to the last reports, the total amount granted to the students as financial support was of 13 million dollars, in a period of less than 20 years.

The institution offers some of the most complex criminal justice programs in South Carolina, being the perfect place to get a solid education in the field, regardless if you are interested in obtaining an undergraduate diploma or you want to go further with your studies.

The most popular programs are those that offer you the chance to obtain a Bachelor’s of Arts or a Bachelor’s of Science diploma, the specialization being criminal justice. You can also opt for a minor degree in the same field. However, since this university has one of the best criminal justice colleges in South Carolina, you can complete your education here by taking a doctorate in this discipline.

South University

The solid reputation and long tradition of this institution are like a magnet for the thousands of students who come here every year in order to complete their education in a great variety of disciplines. From this point of view, the university situated on 9, Science Court also incorporates one of the best South Carolina criminal justice schools.

If your financial means are not sufficient to entirely cover the costs of your studies, you can apply for one of the available federal loans for students. South University is involved in a lot of other national programs, granting you financial support if you are a veteran or if you work in the military force.

The quantum of the taxes you have to pay is established by the council of the institution and it differs from one specialization to another and from campus to campus.

Since this is one of the best criminal justice schools in South Carolina, the programs that you can follow here are various. Following one of them, you can obtain an AS degree in criminal justice, allowing you to work in fields like security operations, corrections or police work. Most of the courses are designed for those who already work in the law enforcement field and who want to obtain a superior qualification, but you are also welcomed to join any of the programs as a newcomer.

South University includes one of the best criminal justice colleges in South Carolina, so if you are interested to continue your studies in the field, you can join the 4 years-long courses at the end of which you obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree. This way, you can specialize in cyber crime, law enforcement, juvenile justice, crime scene investigation or corrections.

Newberry College

Situated on 2100, College Street, in Newberry, this institution is the students’ first option when it comes to South Carolina criminal justice schools that have forensic science programs.

According to the last numbers, over 10,000 people study here every year, completing their education in one of the many available specializations. They are not only from this state, but from 30 more others, not to mention the students who come from foreign countries.

Newberry College takes part in many national programs designed to offer financial support to people who come from different social and professional categories, encouraging them to complete their education here. A good example is the Veterans Yellow Ribbon Program that helps former soldiers who fought in battles to study here for building a solid career.

The college also offers you free financial counseling if you are interested in applying for a student loan. You are not only advised on the available options, but you also get practical help with the paperwork needed and with the application form that must be filled in each of the cases.

This university gives you the opportunity to follow one of the most interesting criminal justice programs in South Carolina, forensic science being the field in which you can obtain a Bachelor’s of Science diploma. This program has all the necessary accreditations from the Southern Association for Higher Learning.

In order to complete the program, you need to attend the courses for 78 credit hours. The main disciplines of study are forensic chemistry and lab chemistry, the accent falling on simulating real life cases. You must conduct tests and you must present the obtained results, explaining the methods that you used in detail.

Completing your education in one of these famous criminal justice schools in South Carolina opens new perspectives for your career, allowing you to work for the local or national structures dedicated to the protection of the citizens by enforcing the law.

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