Criminal Justice Schools in Oklahoma

Obtaining a degree in the Oklahoma criminal justice schools involves long hours of study and practice, but it represents a good opportunity to build a successful career in the law enforcement field.

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  • Criminal Justice
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  • Criminal Justice Associate’s
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  • Criminal Justice (9-Month Diploma Program)
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  • Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice : Global Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science: Criminal Justice
  • And more...
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  • BA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Criminal Justice (Victim Advocacy)
  • BA in Criminal Justice (Security Services)
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University of Oklahoma

The institution, with the address at 660 Parrington Oval in Norman was inaugurated in 1890, having a long tradition of providing a solid education in many fields. It shelters one of the most sought after criminal justice schools in Oklahoma, and joining its courses is an excellent occasion to pursue a higher education in the legal system and to open new career perspectives.

The conditions in the campus are excellent, not only as far as housing and dining are concerned, but also because various cultural events, conferences and open air activities are periodically organized for the students, regardless of whether they follow a graduate or an undergraduate program.

If you encounter insurmountable financial difficulties at a certain point, you can get a scholarship from the University of Oklahoma, allowing you to continue and to complete your studies here. Excellence is also appreciated, no matter if it is about the results you obtain in your field of study or on the sport court.

Rated among the best criminal justice schools in Oklahoma, this institution offers you the possibility to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree. In order to complete the program, you must attend the major courses for a total of 120 credit hours, 39 hours being dedicated to the study of criminal justice.

Deviance and social control, introduction in forensic science, theories of criminal behavior, drugs and society, comparative justice systems and statistics in criminal justice are other objects of study included in the curricular area. From this point of view, the institution offers one of the most complex criminal justice programs in Oklahoma.

Rogers State University

The institution, located at no. 1701, on W. Will Rogers Blvd., has the reputation of providing a great environment for study, attracting thousands of people interested in broadening their intellectual horizon. One of the most praised criminal justice colleges in Oklahoma functions here as well.

The academic life is reflected by the TV channel, radio station and publications of the campus, so the students can easily find out the latest news about the available courses and specializations, also keeping in touch with the life of the community where the campus is located.

The institution takes part in several governmental programs designed to offer financial support for those who cannot cover the entire cost of the studies from their own income. Together with the financial advisors who work here offering you free assistance, you can establish which of the existing loan options is best for you. Besides, if you have outstanding results in study or athletics, you are likely to be awarded with one of the numerous available scholarships.

Rated among the best criminal justice schools in Oklahoma, this university gives you the occasion to obtain an Associate of Arts degree. The program is specially designed for those who want to join the police force, involving academic classes and the development of skills specifically required by this job.

On the other hand, you can also study to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree that allows you to work in other local or national agencies in law enforcement field. For this, you have to attend courses like criminal procedures, community relations and criminalistics.

University of Central Oklahoma

Located on 100 North University Drive, in Edmonton, this 1890-founded institution includes one of the best reuted criminal justice colleges in Oklahoma. Its campus is the home of over 17,000 students, who come here to obtain a diploma in one of the 58 graduate and 116 undergraduate specializations available.

This university is the perfect environment for you, if studying hard and participating in innovative research projects is your main concern. The scholarships granted by the institution to those who have brilliant results in their field of study or in athletics represent a form of stimulation for you to go beyond your limits.

With one of the best Oklahoma criminal justice schools, the institution recently revised the programs offer in this field, after consultations with leaders of reputable national, regional and local law enforcement agencies. The new programs are adapted to the most recent requirements of those agencies regarding the skills and knowledge you must have if you intend to work with them.

You can study to obtain a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in either general criminal justice or criminal justice, the last specialty being exclusively designed for those who intend to work in the police force. It involves studying disciplines such as police administration and organization, laws of arrest, search and seizure, administration of justice, elements of criminal offences and the list may go on. The program dedicated to the future police officers is considered one of the most interesting and complex criminal justice programs in Oklahoma.

In order to obtain a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in general criminal justice, you must complete 124 credit hours of courses. Some of the studied objects are sociology, criminology, administration of justice, criminal justice ethics, introduction to substance abuse studies and psychology.

Recently, a new program was added, and, by following it, you have the possibility to obtain a Master of Arts degree in criminal justice management and administration.

Completing your education at one of the top rated criminal justice schools in Oklahoma represents your chance to have a solid career and a substantially awarded job in law enforcement and not only.

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