Criminal Justice Schools in Ohio Reviews

Studying at one of the best criminal justice colleges in Ohio, you have the chance to mold your personality and improve your skills in order to acquire the knowledge and abilities you need to become a successful law enforcement officer.

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  1. Ohio Northern University

Established in 1871, it is situated on 525 Main Street, in the town of Ada, at 75 miles distance from Toledo. The number of enrolled students is of approximately 2,000, and both on-campus and online courses are available.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can get financial support through one of the many regional or federal aid programs. The university also has its own projects, awarding with consistent scholarships the students who obtain brilliant results at their exams and those who have low incomes.

As one of the best criminal justice schools in Ohio, this institution allows you to pursue a Bachelor’s of Arts degree through studies that last four years and require full-attendance. Corrections, Constitutional Law, Judicial Process, Juvenile Justice and Research Methods are only some of the courses that you can attend here.

You can participate in practical demonstrations in the modern laboratories of the Ohio Northern University and study various forensic investigation techniques. General chemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics are just a few of the fascinating disciplines you can familiarize yourself with during the hours of laboratory practice.

Being among the most famous criminal justice schools in Ohio, it collaborates with some of the greatest national security agencies and bureaus, offering you the opportunity to be selected and participate in internship programs. This way, you can be remarked and hired even before you obtain the diploma.

  1. Chancellor University

Initially a business college, the institution was founded in 1848 and it is currently located on 3921 Chester Avenue, in Cleveland. You can opt for on-campus classes, but online courses are also available, in case you want to complete your education and work at the same time.

The institution participates in many programs that encourage active soldiers and officers, veterans and reservists to complete their studies, by offering them significant reductions in the admission and tuition fees. These facilities can reach 4,500 dollars per military fiscal year. The non-military students have a lot of financing options at their disposition as well, including federal direct loans and scholarships granted by the university.

Chancellor University includes one of the best known criminal justice colleges in Ohio, having a well-structured program of study and an impressive curricular area. After two semesters of learning the basic notions, you begin to study Criminal Justice in a systematic way.

As a major, you learn about all the aspects of Law Enforcement Administration, Criminal Justice Ethics and Criminal Law and Procedure. At the end of the study period you get a Bachelor’s of Science degree.

The reputation of the institution as one of the best criminal justice schools in Ohio is also based on the fact that it shelters a career center, where you can get counseling in evaluating the opportunities you have after graduation and finding a good job.

  1. Ashland University

Founded in 1878, it has the administrative center on 401 College Avenue, in Ashland, at about 80 miles distance from Columbus and 70 miles away from Cleveland. Its campus has a capacity of 6,300 students, enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs. Courses are available online and on-campus.

The financial help you can get as a student of this university can be substantial and consists in government-subsidized loans, direct, un-subsidized loans and scholarships. The latter mentioned form of financial support is usually granted by the university to those students who have outstanding achievements in their field of study.

The law school of this university is considered to be one of the best criminal justice colleges in Ohio. You can enroll in the two years-long program and get an Associate of Arts Degree or you can obtain a Bachelor’s of Science diploma, after studying for a period of 4 years.

Among the disciplines you study here the most important are Penology, Ethics, Criminal Law, Policing, Statistics and Corrections. The theoretical study sessions are doubled by practical demonstrations, such as learning about different forensic research methods in the completely equipped laboratories of the university. In order to familiarize yourself with certain aspects of your future profession, you can participate in the periodically organized prison tours.

The fact that this institution is one of the most reputable criminal justice schools in Ohio determines many prominent personalities to come here and speak in front of the students, during seminars, conferences and lectures. A series of internship programs is also available, so you have the chance to be remarked and recruited by the most prestigious law enforcement agencies, local or national.

Well trained, skilled and dedicated law enforcement officers are always appreciated, no matter what their specialization is, but studying here means having a degree that says: I am overqualified, as I studied and completed my training in one of the best criminal justice colleges in Ohio.

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