Criminal Justice Schools in North Carolina

There is an impressive number of criminal justice schools in North Carolina: the state has not less than 92 criminal justice schools that students can choose from. Over 3,400 students graduate each year with credentials in criminal justice in the state of North Carolina. The average tuition students should expect to pay in order to obtain a degree in this field in North Carolina is $6,086.

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There are financial aid programs that help students pursue a criminal justice career in North Carolina. Such programs are the State Employees Association of North Carolina Scholarship (SEANC Scholarship), the North Carolina Student Incentive Grant and the Golden LEAF Scholars Program. Apart from the financial aid offered to students in need, there are also scholarships that are merit-based.

It is quite hard to choose the first North Carolina criminal justice schools that you would like to attend, since there are so many in the state. So, here are the 3 most popular criminal justice schools in the state.

The 3 Best Criminal Justice Schools in North Carolina

1. Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University is not just the largest criminal justice school in the state (140 students graduate with a criminal justice degree every year), but it is also one of the best schools that you can attend. Founded in 1889, the university has made a mission out of providing quality education and forming students – helping them become responsible individuals in a changing and challenging world.

The university is member of over 30 state and national organizations and associations and has 21 program accreditations. The quality programs that the university has designed are reflected in its membership in these important associations and organizations.

The Western Carolina University is a public institution whose setting is rural. It functions by an academic calendar that is semester-based; in-state tuition is $6,905 annually and out-of-state tuition is $16,502. For this amount of money, you will not only benefit from one the best criminal justice programs in North Carolina, but also from studying in a breath-taking environment. The campus is really beautiful and it contributes to creating an ideal living and learning environment, where students are provided with outstanding opportunities.

The Western Carolina University, based in Cullowhee, offers a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Anthropology, a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science and a Bachelor of Science in Parks and recreation Management. It also offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Disaster Management online.

2. University of North Carolina – Charlotte

The University of North Carolina provides a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. The University of North Carolina in Charlotte is the state’s urban research university. Located in the largest city in the state, it offers some of the best criminal justice programs in North Carolina, providing aid in research and creative activities that are internationally competitive, along with quality undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. It promotes community engagement and it helps students take initiative.

UNC Charlotte is to be appreciated for its commitment to addressing the educational, cultural, environmental, social, economical, and health requirements of the region. It is a 4-year public institution with an admission rate of 76%, which is similar to the admission rate of most criminal justice colleges in North Carolina.

Students at UNC Charlotte can engage in the Justice Studies Abroad program, which is done in partnership with Kingston University, located outside of London.

3. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University at Raleigh offers students the possibility to follow undergraduate as well as graduate programs in criminology – offered through the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina State University is a coeducational public institution that is part of the Research Triangle, along with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Duke University in Durham.

NCSU offers students interested in the criminal justice field a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice that aims at helping students acquire skills that will help them meet their occupational goals and at the same time become responsible citizens, involved in the community issues. It is one of the best criminal justice schools in North Carolina, providing courses in sociology and political science as well, as integrated part of the 25-hour block that students are required to complete.

The programs are structured so that they will provide students with a strong general background in crime occurrence and causes and the functioning of agencies of criminal justice. In addition, students can take part in specific courses, teaching them about juvenile delinquency, deviance, correctional facilities and the court system.

The university offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, a Minor in Criminology for undergraduates, and a doctoral specialization in Crime, Deviance and Social Control for graduates.

These 3 criminal justice schools in North Carolina will meet the requirements of any student looking to pursue a career in the criminal justice field in the state. All of them offer well-built programs and excellent living and learning environments in which students can excel.

It is expected that the number of criminal justice professionals in the state will increase by 15% by 2018; a lot of these new professionals will be definitely formed in these 3 exceptional criminal justice schools. Graduates from criminal justice colleges in North Carolina should expect to earn between $17,176 and $40,848 per year.

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