Criminal Justice Schools in New Jersey Reviews

If you are located near New Jersey and you are seeking for a reliable school regarding Criminal Justice in general, then you should consider yourself lucky, given that there are many alternatives in that field.

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  • MS in Criminal Justice - Law
  • MS in Criminal Justice
  • BS in Criminal Justice
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  • A.A. in Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration
  • B.S in Criminal Justice Administration/Cybercrimes
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  • Criminal Justice (MS)

Welcome to Argosy University

Argosy University offers doctoral, master's, and bachelor's degree programs to students through its eight colleges:  College of Behavioral Sciences, Graduate School of Business and Management, College of Education,  College of Health Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Creative Arts and Design, College of Clinical Psychology and Western State College of Law at Argosy University as well as certificate programs in many areas.


  • Criminal Justice (BS)
Locations: Arlington

DeVry University provides quality education that employers respect, and is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (, the same organization that accredits many other well-known public and private schools.


  • Bachelor's - Justice Administration
Locations: Manassas

First of all, we start by mentioning the Centenary College, which offers a really competitive course in criminal justice all in all. There are interesting courses available and the faculty is great and really down to earth. They are all qualified and they can make students feel at ease and learn a lot of things, without being bored or appalled by the whole learning process. It is the best place to start off your career in this particular field of expertise and the lessons are truly innovative and aim at making the students gain in skills and knowledge on practical issues, as well as general theory. There is the possibility to get an internship in police academies, county courts or even correctional activities with the help and support of the Centenary College that is provided at all times. Bachelors in Criminal Justice are provided, in order to make students get certified in that sector and gain in qualifications for their future career on the long run.

Moving on with the reference on the top educational institutions that come greatly recommended in the field of Criminal Justice, there is the New Jersey City University that can offer some great alternatives in certifications and interesting courses that are available. It is located on 2039 Kennedy Blvd in Jersey City and it is really competitive, among all the other similar institutions of that specific area. What is really interesting is the option to attend the courses at your time of preference, either 07:00 or 09:00 that is. It can offer a valuable Bachelor in Criminal Justice and it is really worth attending and getting the skills required in order to get ahead in your career. The faculty includes some highly trained professionals, with long experience, both in the field of research and training. You can get involved in athletics and other recreational activities at the campus, so as to keep your body and mind both in shape and get away from the pressure and tension of the demanding curriculum of the day. Beautiful and conveniently designed facilities are available and there are all kinds of features for you to enjoy and feel at ease such as Art Galleries and Music Performing, while learning. It is a sight for sore eyes in comparison to other similar schools, in other words.

Apart from the institutions mentioned above, there is the Caldwell College, which is located on 9 Ryerson Avenue in Caldwell. It can provide students with many skills that will turn out to be essential on the long run, making them respected professionals in the general Criminal Justice sector of occupations. The programs that it features are nationally acknowledged and accredited, which is great for your career. The courses are inspiring and the location is really convenient, as it can have easy access for many students from around New Jersey, with great transportation features. The campus is vividly and carefully designed and it can provide students with all the necessary tools to get through the day and relieve the pressure and tension from the demanding courses of the day. Athletics, artistic activities and other events that are held throughout the year can make sure that students are entertained and remain motivated for their studies. The campus is safely and securely designed and built, so as to be the ideal shelter for each and every single student. The view is spectacular and there is green all over the place, which is a great feature of the Caldwell College. The environment is always respected and the students learn how to live in harmony with nature. You can apply online on their user friendly website, in order to get accepted and enroll at one of their courses, as it is an institution that is definitely worth attending.

What we can never forget to mention is the Kean University, which is located on 1000 Morris Avenue in Union of New Jersey. It is actually a well esteemed institution regarding the field of Criminology in general. It is one of the best Criminal Justice Schools in New Jersey all in all and it offers some of the best and most efficient courses available in the area. It shows respect and takes pride in the diversity of the courses and the life on campus. The criminal justice colleges and schools in New Jersey are all of the highest quality. In Kean University the professionals that get to teach in these courses are all highly educated and trained, having all the adequate knowledge to handle students and get them motivated and inspired. Among the facilities offered to the students is a remarkable Library, which enables students learn and study, as well as do some thorough research within their reach. There is the feature of financial aid and low interest loans for every student that is in need, as well as the opportunity to get some scholarships and get your education totally free. The Counseling Center that is available on the campus is truly remarkable and it can be of great assistance to students, given the fact that there is a huge amount of pressure during the years of one’s studies. All the criminal justice programs that are offered in Kean University are truly competitive and they can give you certifications that will be of tremendous use on the long run, offering advantages in comparison to other professionals that lack proper certifications of wide acknowledgement.

All in all, there is a plethora of some great educational institutions in the field of Criminal Justice in New Jersey. You can make some thorough research and later on make your own choice, having taken into account all the possible features that each institution can provide. Whatever your selection, you will be benefited from the great value of studies within this field.

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