Criminal Justice Schools in Michigan

Because there are more than 60 accredited criminal justice schools in Michigan, students who plan to pursue a career in criminology and criminal justice might have a difficult time deciding which school is the best for them. Michigan colleges offer criminal justice certificates, associates degrees, bachelors, masters and PhD degrees. Online programs are also available. Job opportunities in the field of criminal justice are not scarce, although the statistics of the FBI show that crime has fallen in Michigan during the last few years. This might also hint to the fact that criminal justice workers are doing their job efficiently.

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Here are 3 of the best criminal justice colleges in Michigan:

Ferris State University

One of the largest criminal justice schools in Michigan is the Ferris State University. The university offers a bachelor’s degree in the field of criminal justice. Undergraduate students at the Ferris State University must choose between three available programs: law enforcement specialist, criminal justice generalist and criminal justice corrections. Some of the courses students must take include Michigan Criminal Law, Michigan Criminal Procedures, or Current Issues in Criminal Justice.

Acceptance to the undergraduate program in criminal justice is quite competitive at the Ferry State University. However, graduates of this university find employment in some of the best criminal justice agencies in the state.

Ferris University facilitates student’s internships in different criminal justice agencies in Michigan. The internship program takes place in the summer between the junior and senior years of the undergraduate program. Every student is assigned to one of the cooperating criminal justice agencies where they can gain important practical experience in the field.

The Ferris State University has the greatest number of graduates in criminal justice every year. In 2009, about 270 students earned a criminal justice degree from this university.

Michigan State University

The department of Criminal Justice at the Michigan State University is, probably, the oldest criminal justice school in the US. The university offers a wide array of academic programs. In fact, the Criminal justice department at the Michigan State University is among the few criminal justice colleges in Michigan which offer a doctoral program. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree in criminal justice, forensic science or law enforcement intelligence and analysis, and a PhD degree in criminal justice. Graduate students can choose between two specializations: judicial administration or security management.

Besides the undergraduate and graduate degrees, Michigan State University offers certificate programs, including Conservation Criminology, Anti-counterfeiting and product protection program, or International focus.

Criminal justice students must take classes in Social Justice, Human Interaction and Social Control, Ethics and Research Methods. Professors from various academic fields teach at the Department of Criminal Justice.

Students at the Michigan State University can apply for one of the 8 types of scholarships provided. The scholarship funds cover the costs of tuition and books.

Undergraduate and graduate students can explore various internship opportunities during the school year or in the summer vacation. The university holds an annual career fair every February, where students can find numerous job opportunities and interact with representatives of the leading criminal justice agencies in the state.

Michigan State University offers the greatest number of choices in terms of academic programs and educational opportunities in the field of criminal justice, with different master’s courses, a doctoral program and certificate programs for life-long education students.

Northern Michigan University

Among the most popular criminal justice colleges in Michigan we can also find the Northern Michigan University. Students can choose between different academic programs offered by the university. The Northern University offers a BS degree in criminal justice and one in loss prevention management (online), two associate of science degrees in criminal justice and law enforcement, an advanced law enforcement diploma, a local corrections diploma, and an MS in criminal justice (online). The Northern Michigan University is one of the best criminal justice colleges in Michigan that offer a complete online undergraduate program.

The university is also host to a regional police department. The police academy at the Northern Michigan University trains recruits in order to become certifiable as police officers in the state of Michigan.

Students have the chance to participate to internship programs in various Michigan criminal justice agencies, like the Marquette city police department or the Marquette branch prison. The Northern Michigan University offers career services for students, including guidance on job search and employment opportunities.

Students can apply for freshmen scholarships, private donor scholarships and other types of awards.

At the Northern Michigan University, students can become members of the criminal Justice Association, where they can share experiences and learn more about criminal justice than what is taught in classroom.

The 3 colleges presented above are the top rated criminal justice schools in Michigan, but it is difficult to say which is the best of them, as they all have a lot to offer; what is important to keep in mind is that graduates of any of the above colleges have high changes of getting employed in popular criminal justice agencies, including the US secret service field offices in Michigan or other governmental agencies.

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