Criminal Justice Schools in Maryland

Getting a graduate or an undergraduate diploma at one of the best criminal justice schools in Maryland increases your chances of having an interesting, substantially paid job in this field, so let us see what your options are.

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University of Maryland

Established in 1856, its initial destination was that of an agricultural college. Today, the institution is the home of more than 35,000 students, who come here to complete their education in various fields, many of them being attracted by the fame of the College Park division of the university, rated among the top criminal justice colleges in Maryland.

Besides having the best dining and housing conditions in its campuses, the institution offers you free assistance in many fields, including when it comes to applying for a student loan. From this point of view, you can get one of the federally subsidized loans, granted through special programs or a direct loan, if you do not fulfill all the requirements for the first category of financial aids.

More than that, the University of Maryland offers financial support to the military employees and their spouses who are interested to continue their studies here. This is possible especially through the national G.I. Bill program, but also due to the scholarships granted from the university’s funds.

Many of the military employees and veterans who complete their education here choose to specialize in criminal justice, the place being renowned for having one of the most interesting criminal justice programs in Maryland.

Here, you can study in order to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice, the theoretical classes being doubled by internships in reputed local, regional and national law enforcement agencies. The period you spend there allows you to become familiar with the work environment in such an institution, giving you the opportunity to apply the assimilated knowledge.

The curricular area is a vast one, this being one of the reasons why this institution is placed on the list of the best Maryland criminal justice schools. Juvenile delinquency, criminological and criminal justice research methods, concept of law enforcement administration, treatment of criminals and delinquents, introduction to criminalistics, law of corrections and criminal court are just some of the subjects you have the opportunity to study in order to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice at the University of Maryland.

University of Baltimore

This institution, part of the Maryland University System, was founded in 1925, initially functioning as a private school. It is very conveniently located, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Lyric Opera House and the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, situated at a short distance, offering you the opportunity to spend your free time in a very pleasant way.

The University of Baltimore also incorporates one of the best criminal justice schools in Maryland, so many of the 4,500 students attend its courses in order to get a degree in this field. Although the institution does not offer on-campus housing facilities, commuting is very easy, since the famous Penn train station is nearby, and Annapolis is at less than 45 minutes of driving. The distance from Washington DC is also short, since you do not drive more than 1 hour to get to the university.

Besides offering financial support to the students with a precarious material situation, the University of Baltimore also awards excellence in study through a wide range of scholarships. Thanks to the free counseling offered, you can easily determine which of the available direct loans suits your needs.

The Master of Science program here is considered one of the most complex criminal justice programs in Maryland. The area of study includes subjects like criminological theory, courts and law, corrections and law enforcement. The impressive library of the college, along with the electronic databases containing a wide range of police reports from all over the country offer you the opportunity to enlarge your basis of knowledge, assimilating notions that are of a great help in your future profession.

University of Maryland University College

Located on 3501 University Blvd. in Adelphi, it was founded in 1947 with the declared purpose of helping the veterans of WWII and other military employees who were interested in getting a superior education. Since the beginning, the institution was considered one of the best criminal justice schools in Maryland.

Along with the active military employees, reservists and war veterans, a lot of civilians come here to get a higher education, not only from this state, but also from other regions of the US and even from abroad.

This raises the number of the enrolled students to an impressive 55,000 only in the campuses of the institution, not to mention other tens of thousands who attend the online courses provided by it. The fact that the University of Maryland University College shelters one of the most famous Maryland criminal justice schools is only one of the reasons behind the institution’s reputation.

The institution participates in many governmental programs designed to offer financial support to the military employees from all categories, who want to complete their education, G.I. Bill being only one example of such program.

Enrolling in the BS degree program offered by this institution is a good way to specialize in criminal justice. Being one of the top criminal justice colleges in Maryland, it doubles the theoretical study with practice in the numerous laboratories of the university. Fields as courts, corrections, investigations, law enforcement, criminal behavior and security are included in the curricular area, and you can study them individually or as part of a team.

If you want to build a promising career in the criminal justice field, studying in one of the most reputable criminal justice schools in Maryland is a good way to see your dreams come true.

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