Criminal Justice Schools in Connecticut

Criminal justice colleges in Connecticut are estimated to produce about 800 graduate students every year. There are 23 schools providing criminal justice courses in Connecticut. The average salary for a criminal justice professional in Connecticut is $27,771 and tuition at criminal justice schools in the state is about $14,330 per year.

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Education in the field of criminal justice can result in a career as private detective, lawyer, legal assistant, probation officer, paralegal or correctional specialist. If you dream about any of these careers, you need to know what the top criminal justice schools in the state of Connecticut are and why you should work hard to become their student.

The University of New Haven

Judging by the amount of students that attend the university, the University of New Haven is known to be the most popular criminal justice school in the state of Connecticut. The university is found in West Heaven and, in 2009, it helped 181 students graduate with a criminal justice degree; this number represents 23% of the total number of students who obtained a criminal justice degree that year. The University of New Haven is home to the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, which integrates the Department of Criminal Justice; here, students have the possibility to follow both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Careers in corrections, law and law enforcement can be achieved through the Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science programs in the criminal justice field. Students also get the chance to fructify their expertise through the MS in National Security or the MS in Criminal Justice.

Annual tuition at the University of New Haven costs about $29,000.

Students will also get significant benefits from the customized study-abroad programs that the college has in countries like Italy, Poland, Australia and China. These programs offer students the chance to take a glance at the way crime prevention and control is being done in other countries. Furthermore, the Co-op Program will offer students the chance to add paid fieldwork to their basic education.

Quinnipiac University

The Quinnipiac University is also one of the most prestigious criminal justice schools in Connecticut. It is located in Hamden and it is a private university. Founded in 1929 as a modest business college, the school has become an important regional institution and is widely known for its excellent programs in various disciplines. In the mid-20 century, Quinnipiac University expanded through the acquiring of a women’s college. Even nowadays, out of the 5,821 undergraduate students the university has, a very large percent are women.

The university has a beautiful campus, located at the foot of the Sleeping Giant State Park.

Students can either follow a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice or a minor. The faculty gathers former and current professionals in law enforcement, law, corrections and criminal justice policy, out of whom a significant number have experience in field trips. Lectures are often given by guest speakers, who come from several agencies and offices such as the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance, the Law Enforcement against Prohibition and the Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty.

As a criminal justice major, you will complete 37 major credit hours; the courses cover a wide area of study, such as forensics issues in law enforcement or youth crime. In addition, you will also have to complete an internship in any of the semesters – fall or spring – consisting in 120 hours, supervised by a coordinator who will help you get ready to work in the professional criminal justice world once you graduate.

The University of Hartford

When talking about the top criminal justice colleges in Connecticut, one cannot forget about the University of Hartford. Located in West Hartford, the university is highly appreciated due to the fact that its degree programs have the highest level of accreditation in the country. Furthermore, the University of Hartford is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as a Tier 1 university. In these circumstances, the university attracts over 7,000 full-time and part-time, undergraduate and graduate students.

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and the minor is offered by the university’s Department of Sociology. If you are a major, you have to complete 7 core criminal justice courses and electives divided in 2 groups: Group A – Perspective on Human Behavior, respectively Group B – Law and the Response of Social Conflict. The faculty gathers reputed specialists in drugs and society, urban crime, human rights and victimization. The advantage of the students from the University of Hartford compared to the students from other criminal justice colleges in Connecticut is that they do not stick to just one discipline area, but also learn political science, psychology, sociology and philosophy.

Attending any one of these criminal justice schools in Connecticut will guarantee you that you will become a real professional and a respected leader, not just in your field of work.


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