Criminal Justice Programs in Minnesota

Regardless of whether you already work in law enforcement or you consider pursuing a career in this field, completing your education at one of the reputable criminal justice schools in Minnesota is an excellent opportunity to enlarge your basis of knowledge.

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  • Criminal Justice, BA (Online)

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  • A.A. in Criminal Justice
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration
  • B.S in Criminal Justice Administration/Cybercrimes
  • And more...

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  • BS in Criminal Justice
  • AA in Criminal Justice
  • Masters in Criminal Justice: Command College
  • And more...
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  • Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice
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  • MS in Criminal Justice - Law
  • MS in Criminal Justice
  • BS in Criminal Justice
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Minnesota State University at Moorhead

Situated on 1104, 7th Avenue S in Moorhead, this institution opened in 1886, its initial destination being that of a normal school. Today, its modern campus is the home of more than 8,500 students, who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a small, provincial town that has all the amenities of a big city.

The curricular area is very impressive, containing 76 major specializations and 172 options and emphases. Among other things, this university is well-known for hosting a program rated among the best criminal justice schools in Minnesota.

If studying hard and having brilliant achievements is your main purpose, you can be awarded with one of the numerous scholarships. The most popular such rewards are Valedictorian, Dragon, University and Achievement. The students who have outstanding results in sport or those who come from different cultural backgrounds are awarded with Athletic or Access Scholarships.

The tuition fees, the housing fees and the other taxes are established by the board of the institution at the beginning of every year of study. Besides the already mentioned scholarships, you can also become eligible for a federal student loan. As a student here, you get free financial counseling and help with the application and the required paperwork.

This institution’s reputation among the criminal justice colleges in Minnesota offers you the opportunity to build your future career on a solid base. By studying disciplines such as criminal law, criminology, law and society and criminal procedure, you can obtain a Bachelor’s of Art degree in criminal justice. Besides, you can participate in an internship program that takes a semester to be completed. This is optional, but it gives you the occasion to become familiar with the environment of a police office and to apply what you learned in school.

St. Cloud State University

Established in 1869, it is located on 720, 4th Ave. S in St. Cloud and it is well-known for hosting one of the leading Minnesota criminal justice schools. Its campus offers excellent conditions to more than 17,000 students who are enrolled here.

The institution takes part in the GI Bill national program, offering financial support to veterans who want to finalize their education here. Besides, a lot of scholarships are also available for students who achieve great results in study or athletics. If your financial situation does not allow you to cover all the costs of your education from your own income, you can qualify for one of the direct loans subsidized by the government.

The housing and study fees practiced here are considered to be among the most affordable in the entire state. They are established by the General Board of the institution at the beginning of every year of study.

Here, you can also find one of the best criminal justice schools in Minnesota and the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s of Art degree in criminal justice. Criminal law and procedure, American criminal justice systems, justice theory and corrections are only some of the courses that you can attend during the period of study.

You can also choose to obtain a Master of Science degree and specialize in public safety executive leadership, criminal justice counseling or criminal justice administration. The study program offered by St. Cloud University in this field is listed among the most complex criminal justice programs in Minnesota.

During the study period, you also have the possibility to participate in one of the numerous internships offered by the federal, state or by the local agencies in the law enforcement field. St. Cloud University is reputed for hosting a landmark among the criminal justice colleges in Minnesota, so taking part in an internship program can be considered your first step to a promising career in the law enforcement field.

Metropolitan State University

It was opened in 1971 and it functions as a public institution of superior education, being situated on 700 E. Seventh Street in St. Paul. Over 14,000 students come here to pursue a higher education in different specializations, some of them being attracted by the reputation of this university and of its astonishing achievements compared to other criminal justice schools in Minnesota.

Besides taking part in some federal projects dedicated to offer financial support to the young who want to continue their studies but do not have the financial means to cover all costs, the institution awards the excellent results obtained by the students by granting them scholarships.

The quantum of the taxes for housing, books and courses may vary from a specialization to another and is established at the beginning of each year of study.

When it comes to colleges with criminal justice programs in Minnesota, the Metropolitan State University offers you the possibility to obtain a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in this specialization. Diversity and ethics, criminology, constitutional law, juvenile justice, citizenship and constitutional law are some of the courses that you must attend during the study period. To complete the program, you must also write an essay or participate in a research project.

If you are interested to join the police forces as an officer, you can study here in order to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree. This represents a good start for your future career, because Metropolitan State University is known to be an example for the other Minnesota criminal justice schools.

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