Criminal Justice Colleges in Iowa

Students interested in finding criminal justice schools in Iowa need to know that there are 34 schools in the state that can help them achieve important skills and knowledge in this field. There are over 2,500 students in the state who graduate with a criminal justice degree annually. The tuition for criminal justice education in Iowa is $13,282 (average tuition) per year.

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There are quite a few criminal justice jobs available in the state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that, in 2009, 21,310 people occupied protection service jobs.  The most popular careers were: police and sheriff’s patrol officers (average salary per year: $46,020), correctional officers and jailers ($42,090), fire fighters ($36,230) and security guards ($23,990).

The best criminal justice schools in Iowa are Kaplan University (Davenport Campus), Western Iowa Tech Community College and Southeastern Community College.

An Overview of theTop 3 Criminal Justice Schools in Iowa

1. Kaplan University – Davenport Campus

This university is the largest criminal justice school in the state, according to the number of students enrolled. The Davenport Campus was founded in 1937. Back then, it was called the American Institute of Commerce. In the 2000s, it became part of Kaplan University.

Kaplan University’s objective is to provide superior education and career-focused programs. They have a close relationship with local employers, so their programs are within the needs of the local community.

Kaplan University offers a Bachelor of Science – Advanced Start in Criminal Justice, Bachelors of Science – Criminal Justice, Master of Science – Criminal Justice, Associate of Applied Science – Criminal Justice and Associate of Applied Science – Paralegal Studies.

Kaplan University is a 4-year, private for-profit institution with a student population of 45,153. It is an institution of higher learning that is truly committed to helping students achieve success. It provides innovative undergraduate, graduate as well as continuing professional education. The modern programs offer students the opportunity to launch, improve or change their career in the criminal justice field.

2. Western Iowa Tech Community College

Another one of the greatest criminal justice colleges in Iowa is the Western Iowa Tech Community College (WIT). It is the kind of institution that provides strong academics and it is also very affordable for students. Most of the students here are high school graduates who plan to get a 2-year degree. During their stay here, they enjoy the savings and the charming atmosphere that a small school offers. After earning their degree, most continue their education in a 4-year school. Financial aid is also available for certain students to assist with the cost of tuition.

The Western Iowa Tech Community College offers students who want to pursue a career in the criminal justice field an incredibly wide area of opportunities. Those looking for innovative criminal justice programs in Iowa should not neglect the following associate programs offered at the WIT:

  • Cyber Crime Investigations,
  • Police Science Technology,
  • Police Science – Corrections,
  • Police Science – Forensic Investigation,
  • Emergency and Disaster Management.

In addition, the following programs are also available at the WIT: Emergency and Disaster Management, Diploma: Computer Forensics Specialist, Certificate: Emergency Disaster, Certificate: Emergency Planning, Certificate: Emergency Manager Basic Skill.

Apart from its huge array of programs, WIT also offers students services to help them further their education. The faculty and staff at Western Iowa Community College are well-trained and devoted to their jobs, always focusing on the students’ needs and making sure that they have the necessary resources that would help them succeed in their chosen education pathway, no matter what this is.

WIT is a public institution with a retention rate of 51%. In-state tuition is $3,915 and out-of-state tuition $4,455. Western Iowa Tech Community College is a comprehensive community college that has 5 campuses in the state, the major one being in Sioux City.

3. Southeastern Community College

Southeastern Community College has 3 campuses in the state of Iowa: Burlington, Ft. Madison and Keokuk; the main campus is Burlington. Southeastern Community College is another one of the top criminal justice colleges in Iowa that offer a wide array of programs. Future criminal justice professionals in the state would be interested in these programs:

  • Associate in Applied Science: Criminal Justice Technology,
  • Associate of Science: Criminal Justice,
  • Associate in Arts: Criminal Justice,
  • Diploma: Criminal Justice Technology,
  • Certificate: Criminal Justice Technology,
  • Certificate: Basic Law Enforcement Training.

Being one of the top Iowa criminal justice schools, the Southeastern Community College offers a curriculum that enables students to earn fundamental understanding of the function and operations of criminal justice systems in various societies. The courses target the corrections, judicial processes, as well as the security services in state, local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Students who will then transfer to a 4-year institution in pursue of a baccalaureate degree can get the education they need from the Pre-Criminal justice programs available at the Southeastern Community College and that are especially designed for them.

If you want to get a criminal justice job in the state, you have to complete programs that are designed according to the latest requirements of Iowa employers. These three are considered to be the best criminal justice schools in Iowa, so if you need solid education in the field, you know where to turn for help.

These criminal justice programs in Iowa are designed so that graduates will be able to easily find jobs in the state, in their field of expertise.

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