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More and more students decide to pursue a career in criminal justice, but only some of them have the privilege to study in one of the best criminal justice colleges in Arizona and in the US. Here are three of the best offers in the field:

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1.    Arizona State University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Located at 411 Central Avenue, Phoenix, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice within the Arizona State University has been ranked as a top education institution among the criminal justice schools in Arizona.

By obtaining a degree as a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice, you will have an insight on the fundamentals of this career. The program is nationally ranked, and students can choose between online courses or attending in person. Due to the many internship opportunities, students have the change to apply their knowledge in a real-working environment.

Through its offer of master programs, this educational institution has developed two main study directions. The degree of Master of Arts in Criminal Justice offers advanced online courses in management and planning, while the one of Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice (MSCCJ) provides students a thorough theoretical education.

The college allows students to continue education through a Ph. D. in Criminology and Justice. Designed to model skilled criminologists and researchers, the program is structured into five components and focuses on a practical approach, by using modern research techniques.

In order to understand better what program fits you best or whether you can obtain financing, there is an entire department ready to provide you with the advice and guidance you need through the admission procedures.

For learning more on scholarships and tuition fees, students can submit an application that will be analyzed by a member of the staff, who will offer you a personalized financial plan, granting you access to different study programs.

The college is recommended not only because of its high education standards, but also because of its facilities. A large campus, well-equipped, and modern laboratories, state-of-the-art classrooms and libraries attract students from all over the state.

Last but not least, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is appreciated as one of the best criminal justice colleges in Arizona also because it grants its students access to internships programs and puts them in contact with possible employers after graduation.

2.    Phoenix Brookline College

One of the best criminal justice schools in Arizona, Phoenix Brookline College comes with a diversified list of study programs in the field of criminal justice and related areas.

Conveniently located on 2445 W. Dunlap Avenue, the college offers students the possibility to apply for courses online or on-campus. You can choose to pursue a BA degree in Digital Forensics, Investigation and Criminal Justice courses available on campus grounds. The same lines of study are available for an Associate of Science Degree, plus an additional program in Paralegal Studies.

As for online courses, Phoenix Brookline College proposes a very interesting list of programs. From a BA in Criminal Justice or Intelligence Analysis to Associate of Science Degree in Digital Forensic and Investigation, online studies are convenient, flexible and comfortable, allowing students to combine faculty with a full time job.

The curriculum has been developed to sustain the needs of today’s working market by combining theory with modern research techniques. Students have the possibility to interact with theoreticians, but also with researchers, or to apply for an internship stage in different organizations.

Courses take place in a modern campus, with many facilities and top edge research technologies. Brookline College has departments in Arizona in three locations: Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson. Online courses are held through a safe and secure platform, a spectacular digital learning experience.

As for tuition fees, they vary according to different factors: the type of program, the location and so on. The college puts at the disposal of the students various solutions for their financial problems. Depending on whether they qualify or not, the institution will assist them in obtaining different types of financial aid.

3.    Everest College Phoenix

Located in Phoenix, at the 25th Ave Phoenix to be more exact, Everest College Phoenix offers high-quality study programs in the field of criminal justice. Those who want to benefit from the resources of one of the best criminal justice schools in Arizona, have the possibility to choose from various courses.

If you want to explore the complicated issues of the criminal justice system and to become a successful professional, then Everest College Phoenix is a very good choice.

With a variety of programs of Bachelor and Associate Degree in Criminal Investigations, Justice and Paralegal, the college’s mission is to offer you the skills, the competencies and the theoretical background required in order to handle every aspect of the criminal justice system. Most of the courses can be attended online as well.

Courses are held in a modern teaching environment, so students benefit not only from using performance research technologies but also from having access to various interactive educational tools. The ground campus is open for guided tours, allowing visitors to observe the students activities directly.

As for financing options, all applicants receive professional assistance from the finance advisors of the college. Several types of scholarships are available for students who meet specific requirements. Grants and loans are calculated according to the applicants’ personal information. Tuition fees change according to the type of study program and to the form of attendance, but they are known to be comparable to those of the cheapest criminal justice schools in Arizona.

Criminal justice is a dynamic field, a domain of activity that requires a solid theoretical background, but also hours and hours of practice and research. Thus, if you want to become a successful professional, then you need assistance from one of the best criminal justice colleges in Arizona.

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