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Approximately 1,188 students graduate every year from the criminal justice colleges in Colorado. If you are interested in pursuing a higher education in this field, the following information on the best three colleges in Colorado should turn out useful:

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1.      University of Colorado


The University of Colorado is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. It includes 4 colleges and 2 schools, among which we have the School of Public Affairs, reputed as one of the best in its field. The college is located at 420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, in Colorado Springs.

Students can start to apply with one year before the beginning of the studies. The college encourages students to send their applications with at least 90 days before the beginning of the new semester. The university also includes a rolling admission policy, according to which students can still be admitted until after two weeks from the beginning of the semester.

Students are required to pay the subscription fee and to send their application, a copy of their GED or the official high school transcripts, a personal essay and several letters of recommendation. The students who meet the imposed criteria are admitted at the university.

Students who cannot afford to pay the costs for their studies can choose to apply for loans, grants, scholarships or to work and study at the same time. In order to make sure they obtain financing, they should apply by early March.

Grants can range from a few hundreds to several thousands of dollars. The most common are: the Pell Grants, the Graduate Grants, the Student Grants, the Federal Opportunity Grants for Supplemental Education and the Tuition Grant awarded by the university.

The Alumni Scholarship, the Irving Memorial Scholarship, the Marvin Strait Scholarship, the AFAS General H. Arnold Education Grant and the AFCEA Scholarship are just a few of the opportunities students have.

Launched in 1972, the University’s School of Public Affairs is one of the best criminal justice schools in Colorado and offers degree programs in Criminal Justice, as well as certificate programs in specializations such as Homeland Defense and Public Management. The studies of the faculty have been published in journals such as Criminology and Violence and Victims.

The criminal justice programs include:

·         Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, including 120 credit hours of coursework, 36 credits of criminal justice courses and 29 credits of auxiliary courses;

·         Master of Criminal Justice, including 12 core and 21 elective credits.

Students are offered internship programs and may choose to specialize in Law, Family Violence, Corrections, Law Enforcement or Public Policy.


  1. Colorado Technical University


Colorado Technical University has four criminal justice campuses in Colorado Springs, located at 4435 North Chestnut Street in Colorado Springs and at 1865 West 121st Avenue, Building C, Suite 100 Westminster.


Colorado Technical University is reputed for being among the best criminal justice schools in Colorado, offering students all the theoretical and practical knowledge they need in order to build successful law enforcement careers.


The admissions criteria for all the degree programs within Colorado Technical University include a GED or a high school diploma, a personal interview with the college’s board and, for specific programs, successful performances at one or several entrance tests.

Like most criminal justice schools in Colorado, this university offers several forms of financial aid to its students: Federal Aid, State Aid, private loans, grants and scholarships, tuition reimbursements.


The Federal Aid consists of Pell Grants, Opportunity Grants for Supplemental Education, Stafford Loans, Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students, Federal Plus Loans for Graduate Students (is available to graduate students), Federal Work & Study (FWS) Programs.


There is also the Colorado Student Grant Program (designed as an undergraduate need-based program, funded by annual Colorado state appropriations). However, the grants are scholarships are only awarded to students with exceptional study performances or outstanding financial needs, due to the limited funds available.


The campuses from Denver and Colorado Springs offer a wide variety of programs in Criminal Justice, from which students can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, in Forensic Investigation, in Cybercrime Investigation or in Human Services, or to attend a Master of Science program in Criminal Justice, Management, or Homeland Security.

After graduation, depending on their results, students can choose to work as correctional officers, private investigators, probation officers, court reporters, lawyers, police officers, crime scene examiners, detectives, paralegal specialists.

  1. Metropolitan State University

One of the biggest universities and widely reputed, Metropolitan State University is located at the crossroads of Auraria Campus Speer Blvd. with Colfax Ave., in Denver, Colorado.

Students should send their application and any required credentials (official transcripts, test scores, etc.) to the Office of Admissions early because, during peak time, it is overly crowded.

Similar to other criminal justice colleges in Colorado, the Metropolitan State University of Denver tries to support its students through various financial programs like grants, loans, scholarships and tuition reimbursements.

Among the most common scholarships there are the Credit Union of Colorado Scholarships, the Reisher Scholars Programs, the Roy & Shirley Durst Scholarship Funds and the Real Estate Scholarships.

Students can join 2 different types of student organizations: Delta Gamma XI, aiming to promote academic excellence and to make the Criminal Justice System and its practitioners more effective, and Delta Phi Omega, focusing on promoting educational experience and opportunities beyond the classroom.

The programs for criminal justice offered by Metropolitan State University include a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology.

Students have the chance to complete internships within various criminal justice agencies in the Denver Metropolitan area and not only, including within probation and police departments, sheriff offices, public defender offices, safe houses, district attorneys’ offices, etc.

Any student dreaming to work in law enforcement will have greater chances as a graduate of one of these three criminal justice colleges in Colorado.

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